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Military mom fights for custody of her children

When it comes to child custody cases, they are all unique. It is true that parents often get emotional when they have to fight to gain custody of their children, but for the most part, every experience parents have with child custody is not the same. People live in different states, have children of different ages, and even find themselves dealing with different circumstances that have led them to this fight for custody.

Benefits of divorce

People often decide to divorce when they no longer feel as though their marriage is working out. Although this is an acceptable reason to divorce, there are several other reasons couples may choose to legally end their marriage. When it comes time to go their separate ways, some couples may not realize it right away, but there are actually several benefits to going through with the process and finalizing the divorce.

How long may a parent be required to make child support payments?

Child custody is a common issue that two parents who are divorcing may face. Often times when one parent is awarded child custody, the other parent may have to pay child support. When this happens, there are certain laws pertaining to child support that each state and the parents must adhere to.

A prenuptial agreement can protect your property and assets

Getting married is an exciting occasion for all who are involved. When planning a wedding, some people think that it involves simply picking a venue and compiling a guest list. For others, planning a wedding involves getting a prenuptial agreement.

Couples divorce due to their financial independence

People divorce for many reasons. Although the reasons for the divorce may not always be ones that both spouses agree on, they may both find that divorce is the best option for them. Whether they are filing a no-fault divorce or if both are choosing to contest the divorce, both have agreed to end the marriage and move on with their lives.

Grounds for divorce in California

Every state has different laws for married couples to follow. While some states may have similarities in how a process may work for certain legal matters, for the most part, things are done differently in all states. California is a good example of a state that doesn't have similar laws to other states. One legal matter that people may find that this state handles a bit different from others is divorce and the grounds that couples are required to have should they plan to end their marriage.

Which parent is responsible for child support?

When it comes to the topic of child support, there is often confusion about which parent will be required to pay. People often assume that just because a parent has the child full-time or is the custodial parent, that parent will be the one to get child support. Despite this common belief, child support is based mostly on the parent's income. What this means is that even though a parent is the primary caregiver of the child, they may still be ordered to pay child support due to their income being higher than the other parent.

An attorney can assist with your move away case

Following one parent being granted custody, his or her circumstances may change, and they may have to move away. When this happens, another issue with child custody will arise because they may want to take the child with them wherever they go. This decision is one that is not always liked by the other parent, so there may be a dispute over where the child will live or if the other parent will even be allowed to take the child with them when they move.

How the validity of a prenuptial agreement can be affected

Drafting and finalizing a prenuptial agreement takes time. You want to make sure that you have everything that you feel is important included in this agreement, but also make sure that it is fair. Once everything is complete, the prenup may be forgotten about until the couple decides to file for divorce. People may be under the impression that prenuptial agreements are valid as long as documents are signed. It is true that both parties need to sign a prenup in order for it to be valid, but there are other things that must be done to ensure its validity.