Which parent is responsible for child support?

Which parent is responsible for child support?

When it comes to the topic of child support, there is often confusion about which parent will be required to pay. People often assume that just because a parent has the child full-time or is the custodial parent, that parent will be the one to get child support. Despite this common belief, child support is based mostly on the parent’s income. What this means is that even though a parent is the primary caregiver of the child, they may still be ordered to pay child support due to their income being higher than the other parent.

It is true that there are a number of factors examined before a judge awards child support, but they are sure to pay special attention to the monthly income of both parents. Not only is this information used to determine which parent will be ordered to pay child support, but it is used to determine how much child support will be paid as well. In the end, this amount will be an amount that the judge feels is fair and will allow the child to be cared for properly.

When the custodial parent is the one to pay child support, they may feel this is unfair because they are the one who cares for the child a majority of the time. While it may seem unfair, they may want to keep in mind that this money is allowing the child to maintain a certain standard of living. Dealing with the separation of their parents is hard enough for children, so paying child support may lessen the effects of the divorce, especially financially.

If you are in the midst of a dispute over child custody and the judge is considering awarding child support, an attorney may be able to assist. It is important that all of the factors be examined thoroughly before a judge makes the decision about which parent will pay child support. Your child deserves to be taken care of by both parents and child support will allow this to happen.

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