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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Orange County, CA

At The Dorie A. Rogers in California, we understand that domestic violence is not always about violence. It is also about one person exercising power and control over another person. If you have suffered physical or emotional abuse, or have been falsely accused of domestic violence, we can help.

Domestic violence can occur between individuals who are dating, married or in a family relationship. It is not limited to race or gender or income level. Domestic violence can include any of the following in an attempt for one person to dominate another:

  • Harassment, including harassment by phone, text messages or e-mail
  • Threats to injure a party or pet
  • Hitting, choking or slapping
  • Intimidation
  • Withholding finances
  • Stalking or keeping under surveillance

Orange County Restraining Order Attorneys Providing Skilled Risk Assessment

Attorney Dorie A. Rogers has 30 years of experience helping domestic violence victims. At our Orange County firm, we understand that dissolution proceedings can place you and your children at great risk. In a situation in which an abuse victim is seeking a divorce, our first step is to perform a thorough risk assessment.

Our Orange County domestic violence attorneys try to determine and prevent the risk of lethal retaliation or further abuse. Then, we take appropriate steps to help protect you and your children during your divorce proceedings.

Safety Plans

When you are ready to separate from your abuser, we can put a detailed plan together. We attempt to make it easy and safe for you to grab what you need and get away from your abuser without alerting him or her to the impending divorce proceedings. It is preplanning that protects you and your children. A safety plan includes:

  • Somewhere you and your children can live
  • Protective orders (kick-out and stay-away orders)
  • Having a bag packed with vital documents (passports, I.D.), cash, a cellphone and your keys

Orange County Restraining Order Attorney

The law provides the ability to use protective orders to help abuse victims and their families. We can help you pursue a restraining order to keep your abuser away from you and your children, along with your home and your children’s school.

Restraining orders can remain in effect up to five years. Prior to its expiration, we can go to court and attempt to have it continued. To qualify for an order or continuation, we need to provide evidence of abuse.

Thorough Investigation

To help you obtain a protective order, or to qualify for an extension, we will perform a thorough investigation of your abuse allegations. We can ask neighbors, friends and immediate family for statements. We can also:

  • Subpoena police reports
  • Take photos of your injuries
  • Collect medical records
  • Talk with your doctors

Our investigation can help support your protection claims. We can also help you seek emergency orders and possible interim child support or custody. We are familiar with recent California law that protects pets from abusive treatment.

Defense For The Falsely Accused

There is a legal presumption against awarding custody to an abusive spouse or parent. Unfortunately, this creates the opportunity and motive for one person to falsely accuse the other to gain favor in a custody battle.

If you find yourself facing false accusations of abuse, we can help protect your rights. Our firm has helped investigate and defend the falsely accused. We understand the severity of your situation and will vigorously defend you. In situations where false allegations of abuse against a child have been made we attempt to have the accuser sanctioned under California state law.

Call Our Orange County, California Domestic Violence Lawyers Today

For more information about a peace order or protection order from domestic abuse, spousal assault and family violence, or to schedule a consultation with a lawyer, please call us at 714-602-1492, or send us an e-mail. Our Tustin restraining order lawyers offer flexible office hours and provide an upfront, detailed explanation of our fees. Our offices are located across from the Orange County family law courthouse.

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“Dorie is a very powerful attorney and a great asset to have on your side in any family legal matter. She is extremely bright and insightful, and I got everything I asked for in my lawsuit.”
Brit B.
“I would strongly recommend Ms. Dorie Rogers for any legal needs. During my Divorce proceedings, Dorie’s professionalism, expertise in Divorce Law and legal skill helped bring my case to a close in both a timely and mutually agreeable manner.

Additionally, Dorie took the time to understand me and my background to better represent me in my case. She showed a level of caring and concern that helped me through a very difficult time. She is an outstanding lawyer and wonderful person.”

Alan M. Greenberg
“Second to none – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dorie to anyone. She was my attorney for my divorce and custody case. She will do everything it takes to get the job done and all with a smile on her face. Her knowledge and expertise will assist anyone in a family law situation get the results they want.”
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