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Why California entrepreneurs should have a prenup

If you're a young entrepreneur who's planning to get married, it's wise to seriously consider putting a prenuptial agreement in place before you tie the knot. Even if your company doesn't turn out to be the next Amazon, you still hope that it will become highly profitable. If your marriage doesn't last, do you really want to split the value of the company you worked so hard to build with your spouse?

If you dread the thought of asking your spouse-to-be for a prenup, your business partner(s) and investors can give you an excuse to do so. While a venture capital firm may not require the founder of a company they invest in to have a prenup, they will likely require a provision in their contract that protects their investment if part of the company goes to a spouse in a divorce.

Help your children adjust to life after your divorce

The child custody aspect of divorce is likely one that causes you a lot of stress. You know that you need to do what's best for your children, but your ex might not agree with you on what that entails. Because of differences in parenting styles, there is a chance that your children will have to learn how to adjust to living in two very different environments.

Some parents are able to work as a team to get the basic rules established for both homes, so the children have consistency. This might not be easy, but it is important, especially for younger children so that they don't have to try to learn two completely different sets of rules.

How can you protect yourself from your spouse-to-be's debt?

One of the many reasons why prenuptial agreements are a good idea for couples preparing to get married is that the process of drafting one encourages them to be open and transparent about their financial status. Some experts even recommend that couples share their credit reports with each other.

People often think of prenups as a way to protect their assets in a divorce. However, they can also help protect you from getting stuck with your spouse's debt. In community property states like California, both of these things are especially important.

Are you hoping to make your divorce go smoothly?

Finding true inner peace is a journey. And trials and tribulations can make life less than peaceful. Going through divorce may have you feeling as if your life is completely off balance. You may worry that, as the case progresses, it will only get worse.

Before you resign yourself to the idea that your divorce will be contentious and difficult, keep in mind that it doesn't always have to be that way. There are ways to make divorce go as smoothly as possible.

Sharing the news of the divorce with your teens

Divorce is rough on children at any age. Some people believe that teens can handle it better since they have a better understanding about what's going on, but this single factor might make it difficult for them to accept. If you are planning on a divorce, you should set a plan for telling the teenagers in your home.

First, you and your ex should agree to tell the children together. Both parents should be present, and all the kids should be there. This ensures that everyone gets the same information. You should avoid telling one child before another because you will then have to ask them to keep it a secret until you speak to the other kids.

Grandparents can play an important role during divorce

As a divorcing parent, you may have conflicted feelings about what role your kids' grandparents should play in their lives during this time. That's likely true when it comes to your soon-to-be-former in-laws. However, grandparents can be an important source of comfort and stability to kids whose parents are splitting up.

During the pendency of divorce proceedings and even after, grandparents may be unsure of what to do and say around their grandchildren. Some guidance from you might be helpful. Certainly, you want to make sure that no grandparent is taking sides or speaking critically of either parent. Likewise, you shouldn't speak negatively about your spouse's parents to your kids, no matter what your opinion is of them.

Most divorces don't go through a trial

One of the most difficult things to do when you decide to divorce a spouse is to figure out what resolution method is going to work for your situation. You have two primary options – go through mediation or take the case to court. Both options are ideal for specific cases, so look into both.

Typically, the more complex your divorce, the more likely you are going to have to go through a trial. Even if you choose to pursue mediation for a complex situation, you might find that it takes much longer than you expected. You will probably need several professionals to determine the value of the assets.

Orange County man seeking to reform state alimony law

California has no legal restrictions on the length of time a divorced spouse may be required to pay alimony to their ex. The law states that a person may receive this support for a "reasonable period of time." If a couple was married for a decade or longer, a judge may decide not to specify an end to the alimony.

One Huntington Beach man is working to change the law. He says he's looking at the possibility that his $1,000 monthly spousal support payments to his ex-wife will continue indefinitely.

Model relationship behavior for your teen

Finding ways to improve your child's life after your divorce can be a stressful experience. When you have a teen, one challenge that you are going to face is that you are under a microscope. Even though it might not seem like it, the teen is watching you to see how you react to various things in your divorce.

You should ensure that you only model behavior that is appropriate. This means working with your ex respectfully. Your teens can learn how to interact with individuals they don't get along with by watching you with your ex.

Adele files for divorce in Los Angeles

Less than six months after British singing sensation Adele and her husband Simon Konecki announced that they had separated, the 31-year-old has filed for divorce. She filed the petition here in Southern California, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Adele's and Konecki's son was born in 2012. However, it's not certain when the two got married. The singer, who has kept her personal life largely out of the public eye, referred to the one-time investment banker who is now a philanthropist as her husband in an acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards in 2017. (Adele's full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.)