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How are pets handled during California divorces?

Many Americans consider their pets to be a member of their family instead of property. One of the reasons divorcing spouses fight so hard over their furry friends is because they develop an attachment to them. Their dog or cat often does so in return.

This makes it hard to understand how family court judges used to assign the beloved pets of divorcing couples a monetary value and split them up like property -- as opposed to sharing custody of them like kids.

Creating a prenup should be done early in the engagement

Prenuptial agreements are important for just about everyone who is getting married, even if they don't have considerable assets going into the marriage. We know that bringing up a prenuptial agreement to your future spouse might be difficult. Just remember not to try to rush into the discussion about this.

Instead, talk about it as early in the engagement as possible. This gives both parties time to think about the terms that are included and to determine if any changes need to be made.

How do I end a domestic partnership here in California?

Some people who enter into domestic partnerships do so because they expect it to be much easier to walk away from their partner if they decide to split. What they don't realize is that couples in domestic partnerships often have to go through just as many steps in terminating their relationship as married couples who divorce do.

The steps involved in and the amount of time that it takes to end a domestic partnership often depend on the laws of the jurisdiction where the parties live and the terms of their agreements.

Start thinking about vacation plans to avoid a last-minute rush

Even though it is still wintertime, now is the best time for parents to think about what they are going to do this summer with the children. If you have a child custody agreement, making plans as early as possible can help ensure that there aren't any conflicts with the schedule. Before you do this, make sure that you take a look at the parenting plan to determine what stipulations are present for vacations.

Some parenting plans might have geographical limitations about where the parents can take the children without permission from the other parent or the court. If you have this in your order, make sure that you get this before you make any firm plans if the area you are going to travel to is outside of the allowed area.

The second time's a charm? The reality of second marriages

People often want to be married, even when they're asking for a divorce. They just do not want to be married to their spouse anymore. That does not mean they don't like the idea of marriage or that they don't want that in the future.

As a result, they often wind up getting married again. They think they learned from their mistakes and that the second marriage will go far better than the first one.

Take steps to improve your emotional state during divorce

The end of a marriage usually doesn't come as a shock. You have probably been thinking about how the situation has been deteriorating. During this time, you can prepare yourself for the divorce that might be forthcoming. One of the easiest things you can do right now is gather a copy of financial documents that you might need when you go through the property division process. Having these can help prevent your ex from trying to leave assets off the declarations for the divorce.

Another way that you can get ready for the divorce is to prepare emotionally. This task can be challenging because you have to try to foresee the unknowns that are part of the divorce. Still, there are a few ways that you might be able to reduce the stress you feel during this time.

What criteria must I meet to adopt in California?

An individual may have long yearned to be a parent but never found that right person to have a child with. They may have struggled with infertility and want a son or daughter to complete their family. These are just two factors that motivate individuals to look at adoption as a way to complete their families. California lawmakers have instituted guidelines to keep children safe and help ensure that they are in a loving home.

There's no requirement for you to be married if you want to adopt in California. Single individuals are eligible to adopt children.

Infidelity: What prompts it and where does it lead?

Most spouses would agree that when they got married, they expected their partners to be faithful. Marriage can be tough, as life experiences, health problems, financial problems and any number of issues can weigh heavily on a relationship, especially regarding intimacy. Marriage largely consists of an ebb and flow of daily interactions between two people who have committed themselves to providing companionship, support and fidelity to each other for the rest of their lives.

If your marriage is thrown off course by infidelity, it can change your whole life. Such situations usually cause deep hurt, and many spouses decide they would rather end their marriage than stay in a relationship where a spouse has broken trust. Perhaps you have no proof that your spouse has been unfaithful, but you suspect it. Before taking any action, it is always best to carefully assess your circumstances and to think ahead about what options are available and which would best fit your needs and ultimate goals.

Parenting schedules vary greatly with newborns

The birth of a baby is a beautiful time for parents, but if the adults aren't in a relationship any longer, this can be the start of a difficult legal battle. If you are in this position, you will have to come up with a parenting plan that helps the baby to build a relationship with both parents. This might not be easy because of the baby's needs and the scheduling challenge. Using a flexible format and creative custody options can help you to figure out what is going to work for the situation.

We know that you might be ready to get something set so you know what to expect. One of the most important things for you to think about right now is when the baby will need to eat. If the newborn is bottle fed, this is going to be a simpler situation than if the baby is breastfed.

Divorce after 55: Possible financial implications to know about

The divorce rate of those who are 55 years or older has doubled within the last 20 years.

If you're headed to court for a so-called "gray divorce" after many years of marriage, chances are that your financial stability for retirement could be at risk.