Newport Beach is perhaps one of the most famous locations in the United States. Yet, though it is a household name and hosts thousands of visitors every year, many people do not know very much about the Newport Beach area or why it is so famous.

Whether you are a resident, someone who is looking to visit, or someone who resides within the United States, understanding the area’s culture is essential to understanding California and the country as a whole.

The Basics

If you want to condense Newport Beach into a summary, it can be described as a quaint coastal community with high-end boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment. Though the upscale business community thrives in the area, it is by no means the central aspect of Newport Beach culture.

This area is beloved primarily for its beautiful coastline, presenting a unique and special opportunity for residents and tourists to boat, swim, and soak up the sun. In addition, the community is excellent for surfers specifically, because they can catch a wave most days of the year.

A Brief Newport Beach History

Newport Beach has one of the longest and richest histories of any community in the United States. Before colonization, Indigenous tribes such as the Tongva and the Juaneno/Luiseno people inhabited the area.

Europeans mapped out the area in the 1500s, and by the 1700s, there was a European community forming in the area. The Newport Beach area became the location for many different communities, including ranchos during the Mexican ownership of California. However, it wasn’t until 1906 that Newport Beach became incorporated, and the city we know today began to take shape.

Newport Beach Location

It should be no surprise that this land was sought after by so many people throughout history. Not only is the community located in a pristine, heavenly area of the country, but it is also conveniently located. Newport Beach is nestled only 35 miles south of Los Angeles between Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach, two other vibrant and sought-after communities.

This location gives visitors and residents alike access to the nearly infinite resources of Los Angeles, without the inconvenience of living in a crowded city. Additionally, near the John Wayne airport and the Irvine community, Newport Beach guests and residents can bypass the city altogether if they choose and access their slice of heaven via a small, convenient airport.

Just to the south of Newport Beach is the Crystal Cove State Park. This picturesque nature reserve provides excellent preservation of California’s natural land while giving residents a wonderful spot for hiking and beautiful views.

Weather In Newport Beach

Perhaps one of the most significant draws to Newport Beach is the ideal weather of the area. While California as a whole boasts lovely weather, the Newport Beach area provides consistent, comfortable temperatures all year round.

The average high generally reaches 72 or 73 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August. However, in the winter months, one can expect a high of 63 or 64 degrees. This barely 10-degree range coupled with consistent sunshine provides comfortable options for everyone.

For those who want to get a little warmer, the sun provides a little extra warmth on the beach, while the shade is a great respite for those who would rather stay cool. Unfortunately, as is typical in most of southern California, the nights get nice and chilly, perfect for a bonfire or sleeping with the windows open.

Food in Newport Beach

As with any beloved town, Newport Beach has truly excellent food options for every taste. As a coastal city, you can find restaurants full of fresh seafood cooked to perfection. The temperate climate allows for fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, and the proximity to LA allows for access to some of the best flavors and cuisines in the world. Newport Beach is one of the most established vacation spots in the country, meaning that the area has had a lot of time to perfect its service and entertainment industries. You can find impeccable restaurants everywhere, from in town to beachside to right on the water, and there’s truly a cuisine for everyone. Because the area is a haven for relaxation, the city’s restaurants have learned to provide guests with relaxing, world-class meals to put the cherry on top of their beach days.

Wealth in Newport Beach

When discussing Newport Beach, it would be dishonest and inaccurate to leave out the wealth in the area. While residents pride themselves primarily on community and their down-to-earth nature, the income brackets are significantly higher than the national average. The per capita income of the area in 2010, for example, was $86,586, which was nearly triple the national average of $27,589. Thus, a lot of the wealth in the area is what most would consider “old money.”

Though these numbers can feel extreme, it is essential to understand that money is not the only part of the community. Most residents are not fixated on wealth necessarily, but on enjoying their lives and spending time with their families.

As the property values in the area are higher than average, many people choose to invest in homes in Newport Beach as a way to diversify their assets while enjoying the vibrant community. So, though you may hear a lot about Newport Beach’s wealth and privilege, it is important to remember that this is not the center of the community.

Crime in Newport Beach

A significant aspect of any community is its crime rates. Though few people like to dwell on this topic, it is crucial to know and understand an area’s crime statistics to get a good understanding of the community. However, it is also important to remember that statistics alone cannot paint a complete picture.

When looking at the data, Newport Beach has some of the highest crime rates in the country. The majority of this crime is theft, including both vehicle theft and burglary. The break-in rate is alarming, but statistics say that if homes have an alarm system, a robbery is 300 times less likely.

As with any area, there are parts of Newport Beach that are more crime-ridden than others. The northeast area of the city generally sees more crime, while the east end has significantly less. Overall, the area has a D+ rating for safety from, making them similar in crime to Houston, Texas, or Atlanta, Georgia.

However, these comparisons do not reflect the nature of the crimes. As theft is the main form of crime in Newport Beach, it is easy to assume that the wealth in the area has something to do with it. Criminals perhaps know that the area’s residents are wealthy and thus target the city to steal expensive items. This, however, is only conjecture.

Newport Beach Families

Newport Beach remains an excellent place for children and families. There are many things to do in the area, providing for lifelong family memories. On the mainland, there are several pristine beaches for the whole family to enjoy. Between surfing, sailing, and playing in the sand, it’s easy to spend an afternoon together in the sun.

Just off of Newport Beach is Balboa Island. This area boasts marinas and docks on nearly every side, with great opportunities for biking, coffee, and ice cream on the inland. In addition, the area provides ample opportunities for kayaking and boating as well for families who enjoy sailing together.

What Is Newport Beach Best Known For?

Though all of the above information is essential to understanding the Newport Beach area, it does not necessarily answer the quintessential question of, “what is Newport Beach known for?” The truth is that Newport Beach is most known for its boats. No area of the country has the kind of marinas and boat culture that Newport Beach does. Everywhere you look, you see stunning sailboats, yachts, and enthusiastic boaters who love what they do. Even during the busy summer months, there is room on the beaches because so many people take to the water. So, if you have an affinity for boats or boating culture, Newport Beach is for you.

Divorce in Newport Beach

As with any community, divorce does occur in Newport Beach. Though it does not necessarily happen at a rate much higher or lower than other areas, it is important to understand that there are unique challenges when going through a Newport Beach divorce. There is a lot to be considered, and it is important to know what to do.

Newport Beach Family Law Attorney

Your first step in seeking a divorce is finding a Newport Beach divorce attorney who can help represent your interests. You may get taken advantage of by the courts without proper representation. Those who seek divorce without an attorney generally see lower settlements, less custody, lower child support payments, and little to no spousal support. If you need to seek any of these things, and every divorce goes after at least one, you need to contact the law offices of Dorie A. Rogers for your Newport Beach divorce. Without excellent legal representation, you risk losing lots of the things you love about Newport Beach.

Your Newport Beach Property During Divorce

One of the first big questions when filing for divorce is how the assets will be divided. Of course, there is no one answer to this inquiry, which can feel discouraging and difficult. A primary concern for many couples is their Newport Beach property. Because the property values in the Newport Beach area are high, homes represent a significant asset to a marriage. When the marriage ends, the home will be treated like any other asset and divided between the two parties. This could occur in a few different ways:

  • The home goes to one spouse while an equivalent amount of other assets go to the other spouse.
  • The home is sold, and the profits are split between the two spouses.
  • The home returns to the spouse who owned it before the marriage (in the case of a prenuptial agreement that states these terms).

As you can see, the options are limited—those who didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement run the risk of losing their property. As many of these properties have been handed down through generations, the loss of the title can be particularly devastating. To avoid this, you need Dorie A. Rogers on your side to fight for both the physical and emotional value of your Newport Beach property.

What Is My Newport Beach Property Worth in a Divorce?

Of course, there is no one answer to the value of a home. A lot goes into valuation, and the court considers a lot of angles. If the property is important to you, there is a fine line between proving its value to the court while remaining in control of your emotions. This can be difficult during a divorce but is essential to getting what you want in a settlement. The objective is to help the judge see your attachment so that she adds appropriate emotional value, but not so much that you seem desperate and negotiate yourself out of other assets. Your attorney can help you create an estimate of value for your home, taking into account physical and emotional value.

Mediation for Your Newport Beach Divorce

One option that is appealing to many couples in the Newport Beach area is mediation. This method of divorce allows couples to resolve their issues and come to an agreement without the long, arduous process of litigation. Litigation costs more time and money and often draws more attention. Mediation is more cost-effective, faster, and discreet. For Newport Beach couples who know how they wish to divide their assets and seek a mutual divorce, mediation may be an option. The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers can offer industry-leading mediation services to couples in Newport Beach and beyond.

Child Custody in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is special in different ways to different families. For some, the area acts as a full-time home. For others, Newport Beach is a beloved seasonal spot to relax and vacation in the summer months. For both situations, but especially the latter, child custody can be an issue. When there is seasonal movement, it can be challenging to develop an appropriate child custody agreement that appropriately reflects any continued vacation time.

For example, if a mother and father and their two children go to Newport Beach every July, and after a divorce, the mother plans to continue to go to Newport Beach every July with the children, the child custody agreement has to reflect this portion of time that may not be in accordance with the standard child custody agreement.

Child Custody Attorney in Newport Beach

If the above situation sounds familiar, hire Dorie A. Rogers for your Newport Beach divorce. As an expert in family law, our firm can help you develop a child custody agreement that includes time in Newport Beach while remaining fair to both parents. Unfortunately, not all divorce attorneys can fight for child custody, so you must find one who can. Dorie A. Rogers is a leading family law attorney for the Newport Beach community.

Spousal Support in Newport Beach

As mentioned, there is a high concentration of wealthy individuals and families in the Newport Beach area. Though some of these families include two adults who bring in similar incomes, many either come from old money, or one spouse makes the majority of the money. In these cases, divorce often calls for a spousal support contract.

These agreements ensure that both members of the divorcing couple are financially stable following the divorce. Without spousal support, many individuals would not be able to support themselves. They are also a significant reason to seek an attorney’s counsel during divorce proceedings, especially if you were not the primary breadwinner in your marriage. In addition, you are entitled to funds to help to support your current lifestyle, especially if your spouse/partner makes a significant amount of money and relies on you for other support such as child-rearing or domestic household jobs.

Though spousal support is not unique to Newport Beach, it is undoubtedly important to ensure Newport Beach residents’ health and happiness. Sometimes divorce is unavoidable, but poverty and financial ruin do not have to be the result.

Your Newport Beach Family Law Attorney

For years, the team at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers has been fighting for the people of Newport Beach. We understand how special this area is, and we genuinely care about its residents. This is why we provide goal-oriented legal advice to the families in Newport Beach. Our aim is not to rob you of money or bury you in legal fees. Instead, our objective is to support your family as it changes, grows, or rearranges so that you spend less time in the courtroom and more time enjoying the beautiful attractions in Newport Beach.

For family law advice or to schedule a consultation, contact us via our website today.