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A child custody determination is likely to be one of the most challenging and stressful experiences of a parent’s life. The thought of losing time with your child may be unbearable, and your child custody determination could be part of a larger divorce case. However, whatever personal issues you may have with your child’s other parent, it is essential to understand you both have mutual responsibilities as parents. Therefore, your relationship with your co-parent should not interfere with your relationships with your children. Navigating a child custody determination can be incredibly challenging, but the right Newport Beach child custody attorney on your side can make the experience much easier to handle.

Legal Counsel for Newport Beach Child Custody Determinations

The attorneys at the Dorie A. Rogers offer compassionate and comprehensive legal representation to parents facing custody determinations in the Newport Beach, CA, area. We understand the emotional stress these cases typically cause and the common questions parents have as they brace for these complex cases. We can provide the confident legal counsel you need to approach the situation with greater clarity and improve your chances of securing a custody agreement that suits your needs and preferences.

Why You Need a Newport Beach Child Custody Attorney

You may think that you are perfectly capable of handling your child custody determination without an attorney, saving yourself money on legal fees through self-representation. While it is technically possible to navigate a custody case without a lawyer, this is extremely risky. You could end up with a custody order that does not align with your expectations or overlook crucial details that could have resulted in greater custody rights. In addition, child custody and child support are closely linked, so it is possible for your child custody determination to include financial ramifications that negatively impact your life for years.

Hiring an experienced Newport Beach child custody attorney is the best option if you want to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome to your custody case. Your legal team will help you gather the evidence you need to make a compelling case for custody, prepare you for all of your case proceedings and courtroom appearances, and help you determine your best legal options for addressing discrepancies and other issues that might arise throughout your case.

What to Expect in a Child Custody Determination

Both married and unmarried parents may potentially face child custody determinations. For married parents, this process is likely to unfold through a divorce. Unmarried parents who decide not to live together and want to raise their children as single parents will need a custody order to establish parental rights and responsibilities. Whatever your unique case entails, it is vital to understand that the final say comes down to the judge handling your custody case. In the state of California, the family court system has a legal duty to ensure that a custody arrangement suits the best interests of the child it will affect. The judge handling your custody determination must consider all available evidence and may even take your child’s preferences into account when deciding custody rights for you and your co-parent.

Many parents go into custody determinations with unrealistic expectations, believing they can make compelling cases for custody and obtain full legal custody over their children. However, it is essential to remember that the family court system of California upholds that children thrive best when they have equal access to both of their parents so long as both parents are fit. Therefore, you can expect the judge handling your case to conduct a thorough evaluation of you, your job, your living arrangements, and your fitness as a parent. They will do the same for your co-parent, ultimately determining custody that best suits your child’s unique needs and interests.

How Your Child Custody Attorney Can Help

A child custody determination is an inherently emotionally charged legal matter. It can be difficult for some parents to remain objective and focused on practical concerns due to the emotional weight this type of case carries. Your Newport Beach child custody attorney can help you stay focused, consider all the facts in play and how they can influence your case and ultimately help you reach a much more agreeable outcome than you would have likely secured on your own.

When you choose the Dorie A. Rogers to handle your custody case in Newport Beach, we can also provide the legal counsel you need to navigate a larger divorce case or address other legal matters related to your custody determination.


Our firm has years of experience handling child custody determinations for clients in Newport Beach, CA, and the surrounding areas. Below are some of the most common questions we hear from prospective clients. Review these questions and our answers and think of additional questions specific to your unique case.

Q: What Type of Lawyer Handles Child Custody Cases?
Child custody determinations unfold in family court. When you need legal representation for a child custody determination in Newport Beach,hiring a family law attorney with specific experience with child custody cases is essential.

Q: What Do Judges Look for in Child Custody Cases in California?
Judges must determine custody based on the child’s best interests. They will evaluate the income and availability of both parents, each parent’s willingness to raise their child and cooperate with the co-parent, the criminal histories of each parent, and whether either of the parents has a history of child abuse or domestic violence.

Q: Can I Change My Custody Order?
The family court system recognizes that life can pose unpredictable challenges, and your living arrangements may unexpectedly change outside of your control. If your custody order becomes untenable for any reason, or if new information becomes known that materially alters elements of your custody order, you can petition the court to modify the arrangement. Your Newport Beach child custody attorney can guide you through the modification process and secure the reasonable changes you need to your custody order.

These are just a few examples of many parents’ questions as they prepare for their child custody determinations. The attorneys at the Dorie A. Rogers are available to provide the guidance and reassurance you need to approach this challenging situation with greater confidence. If you are ready to discuss your impending custody case with an experienced Newport Beach child custody attorney, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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