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Orange County Support Modification Lawyers

Since your divorce, when spousal and child support and custody orders were issued, you have probably experienced some changes in your life. The arrangements and payments may need to change. The important thing is to have the changes approved by the court, or you could be asking for trouble.

Only a significant change will warrant the court’s modification of an order. You must also wait a certain time period after the original order. Unemployment is a change that severely affects one’s income and ability to pay spousal or child support. However, any loss of income will be scrutinized to ensure it is not voluntary. It is your potential to earn income, not necessarily your current status, which controls what you will pay.

Fullerton Attorneys Seeking Child Support That Reflects The Other Parent’s Income

If you suspect your ex-spouse’s modification request is not honest, our Orange County support modification attorneys can help you fight it. Likewise, if that person has experienced an income increase with a new job, inheritance, remarriage or otherwise, you can request a modification to increase his or her contribution. Our firm retains experts in appropriate cases, to determine the other parent’s situation. If he or she has won the lottery or received an inheritance, we believe your child should benefit also.

The Child’s Circumstances

If your child now has special needs that were not recognized until now, you could be required to increase your contribution.

Let us explain the law and your options. Attorney Dorie A. Rogers is a Certified Family Law Specialist, and has 30 years of California family law experience. She uses a goal-oriented approach to seek positive resolutions to sensitive family issues.

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For more information about spousal support modification, alimony, a change of circumstances, loss of a job or cohabitation, or to schedule a consultation with a Fullerton child support lawyer, please call us at 714-602-1492, or send us an e-mail.

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