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Family Law Attorneys in Orange County, California

Family law is the branch of civil law pertaining to disputes and legal issues among family members. Some of the most common family law cases handled in Orange County pertain to divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and alimony. In any family law matter, there are usually many different variables to consider, such as property division, financial needs of parties involved in a case, and sometimes criminal actions. A skilled Orange County family law attorney is an invaluable resource if you face any of these issues.

With so many factors to consider as you look for effective solutions to your family law concerns, you want one resource for all of your questions. AT EPGR Lawyers, we are prepared to handle all of your family law concerns.

From premarital to dissolution we represent individuals in child custody, support issues and property divisions and understand the challenges you face. We know how to find solutions that are results oriented.

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When you first step into our Orange offices, we will walk you through the entire process, so you will know what to expect. Taking the time to understand your family dynamics and goals, we will help you develop a strategy at our first meeting. From that point forward, we will continue to pursue your rights in accordance with our strategy whether it is with hearings or negotiations until the time of trial or conclusion by settlement.

With our strategic planning we will be prepared from the onset to accomplish our goals regardless of the challenges we encounter. Gathering all of your financial information we will collect a complete picture as we determine if outside experts should be brought in to strengthen your case. We work with a network of forensic accountants, psychologists, and investigators in order to best assist our clients in furthering their goals. We can also refer you to counselors as needed.

The Children’s Well-Being

You will know what will happen next and a plan in place to deal with any potential challenges along the way. Some of the most common concerns we hear from our clients pertain to matters of child custody. It’s important to remember that the family court system of California has a legal duty to rule in favor of the best interests of any child involved in a divorce. Some parents may need to reconcile with the fact that they may not obtain as much custody as they hope during the outset of their divorce proceedings. Having an experienced Orange County family law attorney by your side during these difficult negotiations can be a valuable relief.

Family Law Matters We Handle

When you need an Orange County family law attorney, it’s essential to find one with extensive experience handling your type of case. You can rely on the Law Office of Dorie A. Rogers to provide comprehensive and compassionate representation during any family law case we accept. Whatever family law matter requires our representation, we are prepared and experienced, including:

  • Marital Agreements. If you are planning to get married in the near future, our firm can help you and your fiancée resolve any financial concerns or other issues you might have through the development of a prenuptial agreement. These contracts are especially valuable for high net worth individuals and people marrying later in life, providing them with peace of mind in the event the marriage doesn’t work out.
  • Cohabitation Agreements. If you are living with a domestic partner but do not wish to be married, a cohabitation agreement can be a valuable way of ensuring both parties’ responsibilities in terms of maintaining their living arrangements.
  • Dissolution of Marriage. Divorce can be a messy process in some cases, and the dissolution of marriage may come up for countless possible reasons. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to end your marriage, our team can provide reliable legal counsel every step of the way.
  • Paternity Actions. Do you need to prove a partner’s paternity over your child to secure child support from them, or are you suspicious about your biological links to your alleged children? Our firm can assist you in seeking formal paternity actions to prove or disprove paternity as necessary.
  • Property Division. California is a community property state, meaning all property and assets gained during the course of a marriage is subject to equal division in divorce. Our team will ensure the property divided in your divorce proceedings qualifies as community property and help you gather the documentation you may need to prove your separate ownership of specific assets.
  • Property Tracing. Some family law matters require tracing the ownership of a property through various channels. You can rely on the Law Office of Dorie A. Rogers to conduct thorough fact-finding missions to secure the records and evidence you need to establish property ownership.
  • Child Custody. Perhaps the most difficult part of any divorce is determining child custody. Your Orange County family law attorney can help you make the most compelling possible case for your custody rights and ensure the final decision regarding child custody in your divorce aligns with the state’s obligation to preserve the best interests of your children.
  • Child Support. If one divorcing parent obtains more custody than the other over their children, the parent with more custody may receive child support payments from the noncustodial parent. If the parents share joint legal custody but separate physical custody, it is still possible for the parent who lives with and provides for the children on a regular basis to be the one to receive child support. We can help you ensure your child support determination is fair and reasonable.
  • Spousal Support. Alimony or spousal support is money paid from one spouse to the other. This may take place temporarily once the couple has filed for divorce until their divorce is approved and finalized, and it may extend beyond the divorce date or even permanently. The court considers many factors in determining alimony in California, including the income levels of the divorcing spouses and the medical needs of the recipient.
  • Modification of Orders. Family law provides the unique opportunity to revisit a divorce agreement or other family law decree without a complex appeals process. If you need to modify an existing family law order, we can help you develop a solid proposal for the post-judgment modification you need. You may need to adjust your child support order to accommodate a recent change in employment or propose a custody arrangement change if you or your ex intend to move. This may be to address a change in income, a newly discovered medical issue, or any other factor that influences an aspect of the divorce decree.
  • Enforcement of Orders. Family law decrees are legally binding. If a party bound by a family law order fails to meet their responsibilities or violates the order, such as refusing to pay child support, the lawyers at the Law Office of Dorie A. Rogers can help you seek a legal remedy through the court and hold the noncompliant party accountable.
  • Domestic Violence. The California legal system takes issues of domestic violence very seriously. If you need protection from an abusive spouse as you navigate the divorce process and have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, our firm will help you. We will develop a solid case for the protective order you need or help you prove the allegations you face are baseless and untrue.
  • Divorce Mediation. If you and your spouse want to avoid a lengthy and expensive litigation process, you can opt for mediation as an alternative method of resolving your divorce. It’s a good idea to have legal counsel during divorce mediation, and our firm can help you ensure your proceedings remain fair and on track.

When possible, we encourage settlement when to your advantage in your case. The more you decide on your own, the more you can tailor your plan to your own needs. We are also available to review mediated marital settlement agreements, cohabitation agreements, premarital and post-marital agreements. If your family law case involves child custody mediation or evaluation we will prepare you for that process and make sure you are ready.


Q: How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost in California?

A: The average hourly rate for a family lawyer in California is roughly $300 to $400 per hour. This amount can vary depending on the specific complexities and circumstances of each case. There is also the possibility of an attorney charging a flat fee. This type of fee structure can be beneficial for those who expect their case to drag on for a while. As a top rated OC family lawyer, the law offices of Dorie A. Rodgers can review with you the different costs associated with family lawyers.

Q: What Does a Family Lawyer Do in California?

A: A California family lawyer can help individuals with all cases related to family law. This can include representing clients in court proceedings, filing motions, completing paperwork, and ensuring that all the necessary deadlines are met on time. A family law attorney can also help negotiate settlements and draft up agreement documents.

Q: Why Do I Need a Family Lawyer in California?

A: A family lawyer often possesses the competency and knowledge necessary to give you the upper hand in negotiating your family law case. Family lawyers can provide you with the legal advice and direction you may need to understand and win your case. It is important to have an experienced individual on your side fighting for you to get a fair and equitable case.

Q: What Is The California Family Code?

A: The California Family Code is a set of laws that pertain to family court cases. These cases can include but are not limited to marriage, divorce, alimony, and custody cases. The Family Code is full of statutes that govern how family law will be enforced and ruled upon under California state law.

Q: Can You Represent Yourself in Family Court in California?

A: Yes, it is possible for one to represent themselves in California family court. An individual always has the right to represent themself; however, it is highly recommended that one utilize the experience of a reputable family law attorney. The family legal process can feel overwhelming at times, and there are often strict deadlines for court appearances and paperwork to be filed. A qualified family lawyer can help individuals ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements of the state.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer For Child Custody in California?

A: Although it varies by circumstance, it is possible to be awarded child custody without a lawyer. In child custody court, a judge will often rule in favor of the welfare of the child. If one can convince the judge that they can serve the child’s best interests, then they have a strong possibility of winning custody. The acumen of a family law attorney can provide a ton of value in helping individuals prepare their cases before they go before a judge.

Q: What Is The Family Law Act in California?

A: The California Family Law Act is an act that enables spouses to divorce without cause. The Act became effective in California on January 1st, 1970. The Family Law Act is significant because it allowed spouses to end their marriages without having to prove any fault as the basis for the divorce. Before the Family Law Act, most common-law jurisdictions required spouses to prove that there were grounds for divorce, such as adultery, neglect, cruelty, etc.

Family law matters can be complex, painful, and expensive without the right legal guidance on your side. At the Law Office of Dorie A. Rogers, our team is committed to providing compassionate, professional, and responsive legal representation in every family law matter we help to handle. We understand that you may be feeling uncertain and overwhelmed by your situation, and our Orange County family law firm is here to help.

Available from Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 to 5, and Fridays from 8:30 to noon, at our law offices across the street from the Orange County family law courthouse, we are prepared to discuss your concerns and options. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced family law attorney. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Reviews Quotes
“Dorie is a very powerful attorney and a great asset to have on your side in any family legal matter. She is extremely bright and insightful, and I got everything I asked for in my lawsuit.”
Brit B.
“I would strongly recommend Ms. Dorie Rogers for any legal needs. During my Divorce proceedings, Dorie’s professionalism, expertise in Divorce Law and legal skill helped bring my case to a close in both a timely and mutually agreeable manner.

Additionally, Dorie took the time to understand me and my background to better represent me in my case. She showed a level of caring and concern that helped me through a very difficult time. She is an outstanding lawyer and wonderful person.”

Alan M. Greenberg
“Second to none – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dorie to anyone. She was my attorney for my divorce and custody case. She will do everything it takes to get the job done and all with a smile on her face. Her knowledge and expertise will assist anyone in a family law situation get the results they want.”
Todd M.


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