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Domestic violence is a current and prevalent problem in Newport Beach, CA. When most people think of domestic abuse, they think of physical violence. However, this is not always the case in domestic violence situations. Domestic violence is about exerting power over another person, which can happen physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, or financially.

If you have experienced domestic violence or have false domestic violence charges against you, you need to seek an attorney’s help right away. These situations are serious, and the law can help protect you. However, you don’t need to suffer or accept a false accusation in silence. Our team at the Dorie A. Rogers can help.

The Dorie A. Rogers: Your Newport Beach Domestic Violence Attorneys

When it comes to domestic violence cases, no firm has more experience than our team at the Dorie A. Rogers. We fight these cases with passion and vigor, as we have a strong belief in justice and safety when it comes to families. No one should be made to feel unsafe in their own home.

We have decades of experience in family law, and we have dedicated our practice to serving the families of Orange County. From divorce to custody, we cover all family law cases and have extensive experience in all areas. You can trust us with these sensitive cases as we work diligently to seek a fair and comprehensive settlement.

What Is a California Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence is when one person attempts to exert and maintain power over another person. This occurs between members of an intimate partnership, which can mean between married couples, dating pairs, partners, etc.

This kind of violence can happen to anyone. Your sex, gender expression, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or cultural background does not prevent or cause domestic violence. These acts can happen to anyone at any time.

Domestic abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or financial. Some common examples of domestic violence include:

  • Hitting, kicking, punching, choking, or otherwise hurting someone physically.
  • Sexual assault or rape.
  • Withholding money or controlling finances.
  • Threats or intimidation.
  • Hurting pets.
  • Gaslighting.

These are just a few examples of how domestic violence can manifest. All situations are different but are characterized by one person’s attempt to exert power over another person in an intimate relationship.

False Accusations

Most people who come forward with domestic violence claims are honest about their experiences. We trust all victims who come to us looking for help. However, there are some situations where an individual has been falsely accused of domestic violence. These accusations may result from a disagreement or an attempt to extort money from the accused. No matter the situation, it’s essential to adequately handle false accusations right away.

Even the accusation of domestic violence can stay with you forever. Though our firm does not employ criminal defense attorneys, we have extensive experience representing the falsely accused in domestic violence cases. As a result, we can help you to refute the claims against you so you can avoid an unwarranted domestic violence conviction.

Why You Need an Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence cases are intimidating. Many people who experience abuse have complicated relationships with their abusers, and it can be hard to leave them for many varied reasons. In addition, the case itself can be triggering and hard to endure, especially if an abuser is attacking you, your character, or your experiences in front of the court.

A Newport Beach domestic violence attorney can help make sure that you can feel safe in your own home. In addition, we can help to create a restraining order and assemble a case that will hold your abuser responsible for what they’ve done. Without an attorney, the court may side with your abuser, leaving you vulnerable to further abuse.

Domestic Violence Charges FAQs

Q: What Qualifies as Domestic Violence in California?
The law defines domestic violence as any abuse perpetrated between cohabitants, spouses or former spouses, partners, or parents of a child. This abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, or mental. In addition, any time one person in an intimate relationship exerts unnecessary control over another person, they commit a domestic violence offense.

Q: What Does the Typical Domestic Violence Case Timeline Look Like?
Most domestic violence cases begin with a restraining order to keep the alleged victim safe from the alleged perpetrator. You may get a temporary restraining order until something more permanent can be obtained. Once all parties are safe, the victim can speak with their attorney about building a case and formally charging their abuser. The court process begins in accordance with the attorneys’ timelines. The court’s availability and schedule will also affect how long the process takes.

Q: Can You Drop a Domestic Violence Charge in California?
Domestic violence is a criminal charge, which means that the only person who can drop the charges is the state prosecutor. This is different from civil cases where the prosecuting party can drop charges if they choose. Therefore, it’s essential to be sure about your domestic violence charges before you levy them. Once the process starts, you have very little control over stopping it.

Q: Is There a Statute of Limitations on Domestic Violence in California?
Yes. Victims have up to five years to file a domestic violence charge. This statute of limitations was recently extended from one year, giving victims a larger window to take action. However, it’s important to remember that waiting isn’t usually wise. The sooner you take action; the more evidence is available to the court. This can help to solidify your case.

Contact the Dorie A. Rogers

For several decades, our team at the Dorie A. Rogers has been helping people recover from domestic violence. We understand how sensitive and challenging these cases are, and we do everything in our power to help you through this process. Our attorneys are attentive, empathetic, and kind, and we offer services that are sensitive to your situation.

For more information about how we can help you, contact us online today.

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