Feeling safe in one’s environment is one of the most basic human needs. This security in one’s home is a pillar of good mental health, and most people prioritize safety when searching for a new place to live. This need to feel safe and secure does not always translate to the most populous places, however. It seems that many people would rather live in a picturesque or highly populated area with more crime, as long as the amenities and community are thriving.

Newport Beach is one such area. Though it is a picturesque and thriving area of California, Newport Beach has a reasonably low safety score, according to most tracking systems. Though this may seem discouraging or even alarming, it is important to understand that there is more to the story of safety because determining danger in an area is a fairly nuanced practice.

The Newport Beach Basics

Newport Beach has been a beloved area for many years. Incorporated in 1903, the city has grown to be one of the wealthiest in the country. Though many of the residents come from old money, the community is vibrant and welcoming and prides itself on its charm, beauty, and amenities. With hundreds of boats on the beaches and in the marinas, Newport Beach is ideal for any boat enthusiast. On any given day, the horizon is littered with sailboats and yachts alike, making for a picturesque view from the coast.

The ideal weather is a draw as well. There is barely a 10-degree difference between summer days and winter ones, as the thermometer hovers right around 73 degrees all year round. Combined with the sun and salty sea air, there is no more perfect climate.

Access to the water allows for impeccable beach areas and spots for family hikes and picnics. This same access provides some of the best seafood in the world, making Newport Beach restaurants a considerable draw. In addition, the town’s small shops give the area the feeling of a quaint, quintessential beach town. Between the outdoor attractions and indoor cuisine and shopping, it’s no wonder that Newport Beach is as sought after as it is.

Crime in Newport Beach

Though crime is just one facet of safety, it is important to understand when assessing a location’s security. For example, Newport Beach is safer than only 13% of United States towns, according to crimegrade.org. This is fairly alarming, considering that the Newport Beach area is fairly affluent, and most people would consider affluence to equate to security.

Most of the crimes in the area are theft and robberyrelated. Though these are intimidating crimes, they make a little bit of sense for the area’s population. Newport Beach is known for its wealthy residents and visitors, and it seems that thieves use this to their advantage. Stealing something or breaking into a property in Newport Beach presents a higher chance that the stolen goods will be of value, whereas in a lower-income area, stolen goods are more likely to be worthless. However, this is only one theory as to why the area’s theft rates are so high.

Protecting Yourself From Crime in Newport Beach

Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself and your family when you live or visit Newport Beach, including:

  • Installing a security system. According to crimegrade.org, you are 300x less likely to get robbed if your home has a security system.
  • Being aware of your surroundings. Simply paying attention can help prevent thieves from executing their crimes.
  • Leaving valuables at home. It may be tempting to show off expensive jewelry or electronics, but it’s best to keep them at home and not bring them in public.
  • Knowing where you’re going. If you’re headed to a restaurant, bar, or beach, be sure to pull up the directions beforehand and familiarize yourself with the route. Looking lost on the street only makes you vulnerable.

Though crimes are never the victim’s fault, it is best to be smart and do everything you can to protect yourself.

Ocean Dangers

It is essential to remember that crime is not the only danger that a location can present. There are natural dangers in many places, and Newport Beach’s access to the ocean can be hazardous if you’re not prepared. Though the area is known for beaches and surfing, never assume that a lifeguard will be around to watch your kids or help you to safety. Instead, familiarize yourself with ocean safety tips so that you can enjoy the ocean without harming yourself or others.

Rip Currents

One of the biggest dangers in Newport Beach waters is the water itself. Rip currents are hazardous and can easily become life-threatening if you don’t know what to do. Rip currents are strong water patterns that flow away from the shore and out to sea. The movement of the water and air causes a river-like force that is impossible to swim against. Many people die trying to swim to shore during a rip current.

How To Survive a Rip Current

Rip currents are strong, and it is unlikely that you will overpower one, no matter how good a swimmer you are. If you find yourself caught in one of these currents, try not to panic. Rather than swimming against the flow of the water, try swimming sideways. Swimming parallel to the shore will help you move out of the current without going out to sea. Once you are out of the path of the water, you will be able to swim to shore easier.

If you cannot do this, call for help from a lifeguard or someone on the beach. Have them call 911. Onlookers should never jump in the water to save someone in a rip current, as the strength often just overcomes them too. Instead, wait for professional help. In the meantime, try floating or treading water to conserve energy and stay afloat.

Rock Formations

One of the main places for rip currents to develop is the beach, where there are trenches of rocks. The rocks help create the barrier that causes the current to force its way outward to the sea. Therefore, before you set down your beach blanket, be sure that you are far away from any rock formations.

Domestic Violence in Newport Beach

Though it is not specific to the Newport Beach area, domestic violence is decidedly a factor in determining the danger of a location. This type of danger comes in many forms and is a significant threat to many individuals and families. Some types of domestic violence include:

  • Hitting, kicking, or punching
  • Verbal abuse
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Withholding or controlling finances
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Verbal, non-verbal, or virtual threats

All of these are inappropriate at any time, especially when they come from someone within your household. As we discussed, feeling secure in your home is criticalto preserving mental health and happiness. Any form of domestic violence jeopardizes a home’s stability and is never okay.

Emergency Protective Orders

If you or someone in your household is being abused, you do have options. Though many victims feel as though there is nothing they can do, the reality is that there are ways in which the law can protect you from harm. Here at the law offices of Dorie A. Rogers, we have been protecting families for 30 years. One way that we do that is by helping create emergency protective orders.

An emergency protective order is a protective or restraining order that is not contingent on a judge’s ruling or a court case. These can be created at any time of the day or night. Though these emergency orders generally do not last very long, they can ensure that you stay safe until a more permanent ruling can be made. These are essential in providing peace of mind as you extract yourself from your environment or ensure that your abuser does not return to your residence.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Newport Beach

After you are safe, call us to help you move forward in the process. For example, if your abuser is your spouse, we can help you begin the divorce process or file for a long-term restraining order.

If you are undergoing this process, you will need an attorney who can advise you with authority and who is sensitive to your situation. Domestic violence is traumatic, and no matter how many similar cases your attorney has had, they must be empathetic and kind.

We at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers pride ourselves on being humans first and attorneys second. We are ruthless in the courtroom but understanding with our clients; we aim to keep you safe.

Divorce After Domestic Violence

Once you have a safe place to live and wish to begin divorce proceedings, we can help you start the process. Divorce is never easy, and it can feel incredibly stressful when there has been violence in the home.

We will help you document your injuries and any damage done to your home or belongings. This documentation will help us to build a case against your spouse and show the court that they are not a suitable mate. We will also help you draft a settlement based on shared assets so that you can begin to get an idea of what your life will look like after the divorce.

Though some divorces can occur in mediation, divorces involving domestic violence or protective orders often need to be resolved using litigation.

Child Custody After Domestic Violence

Even if the abuser did not harm children in the home, a home with violence is no place for children. This is what we will show the judge during divorce proceedings to earn you full custody of your children.

The court’s number one responsibility and priority is the safety of children, and even the suggestion of abuse is cause for them to side with you. The more documentation we show them, the more airtight the case will be.

Your spouse may never regain custody of or access to their children. Though this can be difficult to wrap one’s head around, it is essential to remember that it is in the children’s best interest. Seeing and experiencing violence is unhealthy for children and can put them in the way of physical and emotional harm.

Child Support After Domestic Violence

After you gain full custody of your children, it is still possible for you to receive child support from your ex-spouse. However, as with any child support case, this depends upon your ex-spouse’s income. If they made more than or equal to the amount that you make, then it is likely that a child support agreement will be reached. On the other hand, if they make significantly less than you, the payments may be small or nonexistent. Ultimately, it is important to understand that you can expect to receive compensation commensurate with your ex-spouse’s past financial support, even when they were violent.

Overall Safety of Newport Beach

When addressing safety in any given location, it is essential to remember that statistics and summaries are a small idea of what goes on. In some cases, the statistics make the situation look worse than it is. Newport Beach residents and guests do not need to be fearful. This vibrant community has been around for many generations and has adapted to many natural and human-made disasters. No amount of crime can take away Newport Beach’s natural beauty. The key is simply being smart and taking basic precautions to avoid being a target, the same as you would in any other populous area.

Your Newport Beach Attorney

When it comes to family law, nobody knows more than the attorneys at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers. For over three decades, we have been serving Southern California with pride, and we do our part to keep Newport Beach residents safe. Our expertise in family law allows us to uphold values that protect everyone and ensure that this area remains the special respite it has been for so many years.

For all your Newport Beach family law needs, contact the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers today.