An attorney can assist with your move away case

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An attorney can assist with your move away case

Following one parent being granted custody, his or her circumstances may change, and they may have to move away. When this happens, another issue with child custody will arise because they may want to take the child with them wherever they go. This decision is one that is not always liked by the other parent, so there may be a dispute over where the child will live or if the other parent will even be allowed to take the child with them when they move.

With this particular type of child custody issue, it is not uncommon for parents to disagree. Where the child is located affects how much one parent will see them, so if the child is in a different county, city or state, they may not have as much time to spend with the child. It is important that the child have access to quality time with both parents, so an arrangement that benefits everyone should be considered.

Whenever a parent is having a dispute over child custody, they may consult with an attorney to see what options are available to them. The same thing may occur with this particular custody issue. This is especially important because a lawyer may be able to clear up any confusion that may occur and prevent the parent that is moving away from facing kidnapping charges should they move without consent from the other parent or the court.

Should you or the other parent of your child be having a dispute over child custody due to one parent’s plans to move away and wish to bring the child along, consulting with an attorney beforehand may be wise. There are certain rules and laws that are to be followed with this particular situation, and an attorney at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers may be able to help explain these laws to you. Moving away may not be in the best interest of the child, but it is possible a solution to this problem can be found with the help of an attorney.

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