Military mom fights for custody of her children

Military mom fights for custody of her children

When it comes to child custody cases, they are all unique. It is true that parents often get emotional when they have to fight to gain custody of their children, but for the most part, every experience parents have with child custody is not the same. People live in different states, have children of different ages, and even find themselves dealing with different circumstances that have led them to this fight for custody.

It was recently reported that a military veteran from Florida, who had been gone for about four years overseas, returned to fight a battle for child custody of her two children. When the mother of two was deployed, she left her children in her stepmother’s care due to the father being unstable. Unfortunately, while the woman was overseas, further complications ensued.

At some point while she was away, the woman’s stepmother who she trusted to care for the children, allegedly moved away to New Jersey and did not obtain permission prior to doing so. The children were later taken from her and put into foster care due to them needing emergency mental health services. Although the children were taken away from the stepmother, it has been reported that the mother is to soon regain custody of her children.

Parents dealing with issues with child custody should contact an attorney. These types of cases can be very emotional and stressful for both the parents and the children, so people may need all the help they can get during the process. Children should have a stable home to live in and if an attorney is able to help make that happen, then hiring one would benefit all parties involved in the case.

Source: Yahoo Parenting, “Military Mom Returns From War to Discover She Must Fight for Custody of Kids,” Beth Greenfield, Aug. 18, 2015

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