Request a modification in child support

Request a modification in child support

Children are a huge responsibility for anyone who chooses to have them. Even when the parents are in the same home, it can be a real job to raise multiple children together, but when they are in separate homes, caring for the children can present even more difficulty. Not only are both parents expected to care for the child mentally, emotionally and physically, they are also expected to care for them financially. This is why it is important for parents who are required to pay child support to do so regardless of how much the payments may be.

Parents who pay child support may be paying an amount that won’t always be enough to help the custodial parent properly care for the children. When a parent feels as though their children are not receiving enough child support from their other parent, one thing they can do is request a modification in the support order. Basically, this will happen when a parent notices that their children’s needs have increased, and they need the other parent to contribute more monetarily.

Making a request for this modification in child support is not as simple as filing papers and getting it approved. There are a number of factors to be examined before a decision can be made. If all goes well, your child support payment will be increased, and your children can continue to maintain the particular lifestyle they have been used to.

If you are currently receiving child support for your children and would like to request a modification in your child support order, an attorney at the Law Office of Dorie A. Rogers may be able to assist with the process. Your children require the support of both parents as they grow, so the parent who has been ordered to pay child support should be contributing in any way they can.

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