A prenuptial agreement can protect your property and assets

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A prenuptial agreement can protect your property and assets

Getting married is an exciting occasion for all who are involved. When planning a wedding, some people think that it involves simply picking a venue and compiling a guest list. For others, planning a wedding involves getting a prenuptial agreement.

When presenting your spouse with a prenuptial agreement, at first they may be reluctant to sign it. For some, prenuptial agreements are not very romantic, but others may realize the importance of the protection that prenups offer. Divorces can turn nasty when people do not agree, but with a prenup this can be avoided because everything is already decided upon prior to the marriage occurring.

The point of getting a prenuptial agreement is for a person to protect their property and assets. They may not be worth a significant amount, but the idea of dividing them with their spouse in the case of divorce may not seem fair, so they want to be sure there is no chance of that happening. It is a wise decision for people to make if they want to avoid not only the headache that disputes can cause during a divorce, but also the chance of losing property that is rightfully theirs.

If you are entering a marriage and are concerned about your property and assets, you may want to speak to an attorney about possibly getting a prenuptial agreement with your soon to be spouse. These types of agreements are used to protect you should a divorce occur, so depending on the worth of your property and assets, you may want to be sure that you retain control of them. If you live in the Orange, California area, an attorney at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers may be able to assist you with getting your prenuptial agreement.

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