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Wife of TV actor in hit show seeks sole custody of couple's child

When minor children are involved in a divorce case or a case in which unwed couples separate, the result can be a contentious and bitter dispute over custody. California residents have seen this custody drama many times before: One party seeks sole custody of the child and the other party fights for either child custody or an acceptable form of shared custody or enhanced visitation schedule that keeps him or her in the child's life on a regular basis.

How prenups can save a business when partners divorce

Californians understand the importance of planning for the future. Unexpected events such as divorce, however, can change even the most well-laid out plans for a couple's future. And when that divorcing couple has created, owned or operated a business together, any business plans they made also must now adapt to new circumstances.

Online solutions can yield unwanted results for child support

In Orange County, California, local residents know that when there are children involved in divorce cases, child-related issues such as child support are likely to arise. Generally, child support was established to provide financial assistance to the custodial parent who will handle the money for the everyday expenses of the children. The cost of living, educational expenses and medical expenses such as dental are all taken into consideration in determining the amount of the support.

Tips for handling finances while divorcing

Orange County, California, spouses know that divorce can be a difficult process that takes a toll both emotionally and financially on both spouses. It is normal for spouses, who are currently dealing with divorce for the first time, to fear the unknown. Fortunately, some helpful tips can help divorcing spouses get through the legal process with ease.

When is the right time to exercise grandparents' rights?

Family law covers many issues, including marital dissolution, child custody, adoption and grandparents' rights. In Orange County, California, readers are quite familiar with child custody issues that often arise in divorce cases. Local residents need to understand that parental, as well as grandparental, custody issues are decided in divorce cases.

How to become effective co-parents in joint custody

Orange County residents are very familiar with stories of children being caught in the middle of the divorce process when their parents decide to part ways. As divorce continues to affect spouses, not just in California, but all across the country, more and more parents are now dealing with child custody issues. Such cases can be settled using joint custody, which allows both parents to become custodial parents, working hand in hand for the sake of their children.

How prenuptial agreements protect spouses' interests in divorce

Most Americans who go through it, including Californians, consider divorce one of the most difficult events a person can go through in life. One reason why most people find the legal process so difficult is that they do not have a firm grasp on their finances and are not sure what separation and starting over will cost them. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, they can protect their financial interests, especially during property division.

Charlie Sheen has stopped paying child support for his daughters

Child support is one of the most important issues discussed in a divorce case involving children. Support provides the financial means to maintain the health and wellbeing of the children. Each state has its own child support guidelines. In California, child support is based on the financial ability of the supporting party to pay. Support is handed over to the custodial parent who manages the finances for the benefit of the children.

Tips to help spouses make it through the divorce process

Divorce continues to affect more than half of married couples across the United States. Orange County, California residents have their fair share of the legal process that unbinds the marital ties between spouses. Though this may sound easy, people who have experienced divorce relate that the process may take more time than initially expected. Divorce issues, such as child custody and support, property division and alimony are likely to arise and potentially complicate the divorce process.