Charlie Sheen has stopped paying child support for his daughters

Charlie Sheen has stopped paying child support for his daughters

Child support is one of the most important issues discussed in a divorce case involving children. Support provides the financial means to maintain the health and wellbeing of the children. Each state has its own child support guidelines. In California, child support is based on the financial ability of the supporting party to pay. Support is handed over to the custodial parent who manages the finances for the benefit of the children.

Orange County residents may be surprised to know that the actor, Charlie Sheen, has reportedly stopped paying $55,000 in monthly child support to his ex-wife Denise Richards. Based on the report, the actor decided not to pay child support for his two daughters after Richards prevented a holiday visit last year. Additionally, Sheen is reportedly planning to sell the house Richards and the two girls live in to facilitate moving his daughters geographically closer to his house.

Supporting parents who do not pay child support on time are likely to face harsh consequences, such as incarceration and fines. The infamous actor may be required to pay support arrears in order to avoid jail time. Parents having a difficult time affording their support payment may seek modification to avoid being delinquent.

Unexpected life changes, such as unemployment or a serious medical condition, are circumstances considered for a request to reduce a current child support order. A California court granting a child support reduction will adjust the payment based on the current financial capability of the supporting party.

Orange County parents understand that child support is very important for maintaining a child’s circumstances. Without support, children may be deprived of their basic needs. Child support issues and concerns should be addressed with a competent family law professional.

Source: New York Daily News “Charlie Sheen cutting of Denise Richards’ child support, threatening to sell house: report,” Chiderah Monde, March 19, 2014

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