Online solutions can yield unwanted results for child support

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Online solutions can yield unwanted results for child support

In Orange County, California, local residents know that when there are children involved in divorce cases, child-related issues such as child support are likely to arise. Generally, child support was established to provide financial assistance to the custodial parent who will handle the money for the everyday expenses of the children. The cost of living, educational expenses and medical expenses such as dental are all taken into consideration in determining the amount of the support.

When people talk about child support issues, they often think of alternative solutions to save legal costs. Some parents even use online tools in calculating child support. However, reader should note that resorting to online solutions can lead to unwanted results. The calculation of child support is complex. Although computers can perform basic tasks such as calculation, only a legal professional’s expertise can help parents achieve best result.

Child support is not just about the amount, it also considers the ability of the supporting party in paying off the support in the long run. This includes evaluating liabilities and uncovering hidden assets. Using online tools cannot do either. As a result, relying on an online calculator alone can lead to an amount that is too low to for the needs of the children or too high for the supporting parent.

Readers need to understand that laws governing child support issues vary from state to state. To ensure that the issue would be settled accordingly, parents may consult a family law attorney who can handle child support issues. The legal professional can suggest alternative options such as mediation or collaborative law that allows both parents to negotiate an amount that is fair and just.

Parents can also settle the case through the traditional courtroom litigation if alternative dispute resolution seems ineffective for their situation. Locally, a parent who is dealing with a similar issue may consider speaking with an attorney instead of using online tools. This can prevent going back to court to deal with the same issue.

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