Wife of TV actor in hit show seeks sole custody of couple’s child

Wife of TV actor in hit show seeks sole custody of couple’s child

When minor children are involved in a divorce case or a case in which unwed couples separate, the result can be a contentious and bitter dispute over custody. California residents have seen this custody drama many times before: One party seeks sole custody of the child and the other party fights for either child custody or an acceptable form of shared custody or enhanced visitation schedule that keeps him or her in the child’s life on a regular basis.

One of these disputes is currently playing out in public with an actor from the hit TV series “Scandal.” Columbus Short was recently served with divorce papers after a domestic dispute with his wife that she alleges was one of three violent incidents since February. Tanee Short is seeking sole custody of the couple’s 2-year-old daughter.

Ultimately, a family law judge will determine whether the mother should be awarded sole custody and will consider factors such as history of domestic violence and the capabilities of both parents to raise their child in nurturing environments.

Not all child-custody cases are settled through courtroom litigation. Some can be settled through negotiation using alternative dispute-resolution methods such as collaborative law and mediation. When a couple adopts a nonlitigious approach to its child-custody decision, the results are often more rewarding because the parents are able to negotiate for the best interests of the child without interference from a family law judge who may have an imperfect understanding when it comes to a final decision.

Each case is unique, and parents should remember to put the best interests of the child first. Any California parent who is currently dealing with this issue should consider speaking with a family law attorney who can help find the child-custody arrangement that best fits the parent’s unique issues and circumstances.

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