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Properly settled child-custody cases may prevent abductions

One unfortunate part of divorce that neither parents nor children like is the splitting up of one home into two. Emotions often run high and negotiations can be challenging to both parents in a child-custody case. In California, a court may grant one parent sole custody of the children and only allow visitation by the other parent. If custody is to be shared, however, the court will need to see that cooperation is possible for both parents.

Use of online dating websites increases in divorce cases

The Internet offers many benefits for users across the country, including residents of Orange County, California. Many use the Internet to seek lifelong partners or simply to seek companionship through the advent of online dating services. However, users of online dating services, according to a recent survey, need to be careful about the information they provide to such services. It can come back to haunt married individuals, particularly when they are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Smartphone app can help California spouses in divorce

The legal issues that accompany the end of a marriage can strain even the most cordial relationship between spouses who want to go their separate ways. Issues in divorce can include child custody, child support and property division, just to name a few. Resolving these issues in a state like California can be particularly hard if there are heightened emotions or conflicts between the parties involved.

Child custody issues affect children more than parents realize

Children of parents undergoing divorce face big adjustments with new living arrangements, often moving from one house to another whether they like it or not. When custody issues are finalized, children - especially teenagers - often do not feel good about their weekend experiences of going back and forth between homes, or even between different parts of a huge state like California.

Consider shared parenting in child custody cases

Some parents in Orange County, California, might want to wait until the approaching summer to file for divorce. The summer marks a break in school, which provides divorcing parents with the opportunity to prepare their children for the upcoming changes within the household without disrupting the child's education. Child custody may be able to be resolved amicably if both parents decide to have shared parenting of their children.

Unreported income impacts child support amount in California

Readers in Orange County, California, may understand why people divorce. Divorce allows both parties to move on with their separate lives. The divorce process is more complicated, however, than simply moving out from the couple's home. Typically, divorcing couples will attempt to make a settlement agreement where both parties aim to reach a fair resolution. Unfortunately, conflicts may arise while establishing the settlement, particularly when it comes to full disclosure of assets, child support and custody, property and income. Dishonesty about finances may not only ruin the fair division between the spouses, but also may get in the way of necessary child support payments.

Prenuptial agreements and financial advisers in divorce

It may not be surprising for readers from Orange County, California, to assume that when high-net worth couples divorce, the litigation process can be complex. In divorce, parties need to settle the division of assets and marital properties obtained during marriage. During property division, assets like stocks, mutual funds, retirement accounts and even personal belongings acquired during the marriage can be subject to division. However, it may be true that each spouse has a different point of view in the property distribution, which is why prenuptial agreements can be useful.

Permanent alimony can be an issue in California divorce

Most of the time, divorce cases in Orange County, California, tackle child custody, child support and property division. However, when a couple files for divorce, there are other legal issues to address. One issue may be spousal support, or alimony.

Insights into Orange County child support

There are a lot of issues covered under California family law. One of the most common issues is determining a child support payment. Some parents in California are paying child support, while the custodial parent uses the support for the everyday expenses of the children.

Prenup keeps Bethenny Frankel's company assets safe in divorce

For any couple going through a divorce, working out the details of spousal support and property division can be incredibly heated. There is often so much emotional stake in property and sorting through the assets can often cause further strife during the divorce proceedings. California residents who know of Bethenny Frankel may be interested to learn that some of her own assets acquired through her business ventures have recently been reported to be protected in her divorce thanks to a prenuptial agreement.