Consider shared parenting in child custody cases

Consider shared parenting in child custody cases

Some parents in Orange County, California, might want to wait until the approaching summer to file for divorce. The summer marks a break in school, which provides divorcing parents with the opportunity to prepare their children for the upcoming changes within the household without disrupting the child’s education. Child custody may be able to be resolved amicably if both parents decide to have shared parenting of their children.

Divorce is never easy, especially for parents who need to work together for the benefit of their children. One woman recently shared her experience about handling child custody issues and preparing her son for the post-divorce transition. The woman started by sharing her plans for divorce with her son right after Christmas. The mother and her ex-husband did not officially separate until February, giving their son time to adjust.

The woman and her ex-husband decided to co-parent their child. They chose homes located within a mile or two from each other. This strategy enabled them to share their responsibilities and make it easy for their son to adjust to the new situation.

Parents who are planning to divorce need to plan and adjust for the upcoming changes to their children’s lives. They must learn to keep track of and continue their children’s school-related schedules, playtime with friends and other routines and activities. Simply put, parents should consider putting themselves in their children’s shoes when deciding child custody issues during a divorce. Decisions should be made according to the best interests of the child and not according to the best interests of the parents.

Parents embroiled in child custody disputes may consider joint custody for the betterment of their children. Children benefit from the care, love and support of both parents. This is still possible even if parents are already separated. Shared parenting not only affects children but the whole family for years to come.

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