Prenup keeps Bethenny Frankel’s company assets safe in divorce

Prenup keeps Bethenny Frankel’s company assets safe in divorce

For any couple going through a divorce, working out the details of spousal support and property division can be incredibly heated. There is often so much emotional stake in property and sorting through the assets can often cause further strife during the divorce proceedings. California residents who know of Bethenny Frankel may be interested to learn that some of her own assets acquired through her business ventures have recently been reported to be protected in her divorce thanks to a prenuptial agreement.

Frankel’s husband Jason Hoppy was recently reported on as having filed his own divorce papers, an opposition to the ones she filed not too long ago. Both parties have reportedly filed for similar requests in the terms of their divorce, including child support and custody of their daughter, 2 years old. Another mirrored request is that the other spouse would take care of the medical or dental costs as they would pertain to the custodial parent and child.

One thing that will likely not be able to be requested by Hoppy is the earnings from Frankel’s books, alcoholic beverage line and talk show, a reported $100 million worth. While not every Californian is in possession of such funds, the presence of a prenuptial agreement could, as in this instance, allow parents to already know some of the decisions and focus on the welfare of their children.

Californians who are having a difficult time with their divorce may want to enlist the aid of a legal professional. Understanding the terms of your prenuptial or discussing how to go about property division when you do not have such a document could help you as you and your former spouse discuss the terms of spousal support and other details. As difficult as it can be to go through this process, working with experienced representation could help to keep your assets and estate in tact so that you can begin to move forward with your life.

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