Smartphone app can help California spouses in divorce

Smartphone app can help California spouses in divorce

The legal issues that accompany the end of a marriage can strain even the most cordial relationship between spouses who want to go their separate ways. Issues in divorce can include child custody, child support and property division, just to name a few. Resolving these issues in a state like California can be particularly hard if there are heightened emotions or conflicts between the parties involved.

A recent technological innovation, however, may prove helpful for spouses going through divorce. Psychologist Jeffrey Gardere, a consultant to many television talk shows, has put out a new smartphone application that can show those in the middle of divorce the different phases in the process. According to Gardere, who is also a professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Healthy Divorce App developed by Rozilo, Inc., shows lessons the psychologist has learned in his 20 years of helping people move on.

The mobile application concentrates on helping spouses know what phases are coming, and what types of emotions come with them. The app allows users to identify not only what they are experiencing, then, but also what to expect in the divorce process. It includes audio, video and text media though which the psychologist may present weekly essays on different topics related to divorce.

In addition, users may anonymously submit inquiries and questions about divorce without feeling uncomfortable. The creator of the Healthy Divorce App can answer one user’s questions and make those answers available to all app users. This current technological innovation will show users that divorce can bring emotional challenges, of course, but it can also present chances to start anew.

Still, even though the divorce app can be helpful for spouses, it remains a good idea to have legal representation when going through a divorce. The mobile app can help heal emotional damage, and serve as an informative complement to the advice of an attorney, but only a legal professional can help prevent legal troubles later on.

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