Family Law Applies to Celebrity Child Custody Battle

In this generation, family legal issues do not only revolve around the legal matters of divorce such as child support, property division and child custody. Due to the fact that family law concerns evolve over time, issues regarding family dynamics are also included. These issues can occur in any families in California, including celebrities.

People who keep up with daily news and celebrity headlines in Orange County, California, may have heard about the divorce case of Deion Sanders and his former spouse. The case may also be a reminder to parents that the best interests of the child should always be taken into account in family law issues.

According to the report, Deion and his wife have been undergoing a bitter divorce battle ever since the papers were filed. The two parents are battling for the custody of their three children.

Previously, the judge’s decision in the case was for the father to have custody of the two boys while the mother has custody of the daughter but a recent decision changes this. Now, a report states that the judge who handled the case decided to split the custody of their kids equally. In this order, the father has an exclusive right to determine the children’s primary residence. The father was also permitted to decide the children’s education and athletic activities. Other decisions regarding their three kids will likely be made equally between the mother and father.

The father was content with the results of the proceedings and stated that the decision is for the benefit of his three children. The judge also ordered Deion Sanders to pay $5,500 child support every month.

All families are different, and all divorce cases are different. Most family issues affect children if they are involved. Because of this, parents should consider the welfare of their children, particularly in such cases. Conflicts and disagreements between parents may not be preventable, but focusing on what really matters can make a big difference.

Source: NBC News, “Judge Expands Deion Sanders’ Parental Rights,” Frank Heinz, Jan. 16, 2013

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