The holidays can place extra pressure on quarreling couples


The holidays are upon us once again. Ostensibly, this is a time dedicated to joyous celebration and good will towards all. But in reality, many people find the holidays very hard to endure. This can be especially true for couples who are having marital difficulties. Yet, because these days are often a catalyst for sacred family rituals and togetherness, some people hold out the hope that they can patch up a bad relationship during the holiday season.

But unfortunately, the stress of the holidays can further expose the problems in a marriage. This can have a devastating effect on those who go into the season with raised expectations of renewed harmony. And it is quite possible that the negative experience a couple has during the holidays could be the compelling event that leads to a break up several months later.

Understand that the purpose of this post is not to spoil your holiday, but rather to suggest that if you and your spouse are experiencing interpersonal strife, it may be best to take a wait-and-see attitude regarding how things work out as the season progresses. This time of year can be very stressful in the best of circumstances. If you go in with expectations that are not met, your disappointment could manifest itself in ways that further sever your bond with your partner. This could also make the holidays that much less happy for the rest of your family.

So, here is hoping that you and your spouse will be able to remain on the best terms possible as the season continues. Later down the line, you may want to seriously assess the viability of your marriage. At such a time, you could contact an experienced family law attorney. The attorney could discuss your options, including divorce, if you believe that is in your and your family’s best interests.

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