Visitation time can be spent seeing amazing sights


If you are a divorced parent, you likely want your time with your child to be spent doing things that you both enjoy. But if your time together is limited, you really want to have as many special moments as possible. And one way to do this is to take trips to interesting and fun places.

And there is no shortage of great places to visit in California that are both entertaining and educational. The following are a few  suggested destinations that could provide you and your child with the opportunity to bond and make some wonderful memories:

  • If your child has creative interests, then you may want to see what’s on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
  • Almost all children love animals, as such, the world famous San Diego Zoo would likely be a big hit, as would Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco,
  • For a child who is fascinated by the stars and planets, a perfect stop could be the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.
  • To share some of the most amazing wonders of nature, you can take off for a jaunt to Yosemite National Park or Joshua Tree National Park

Of course, your child will probably be happy just being with you, but the occasional excursion can make for some very special experiences. However, if your child’s other parent makes it difficult for you to see your child, you may never have the opportunity to do the things that you want and that he or she would enjoy.

It is almost always in a child’s best interests to have a strong bond with both parents. As such, if you are not being granted access to your child in accordance with your  custody agreement , you may want to take the matter to a California family law attorney. The attorney could help you take the steps necessary to correct the situation.

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