Stars of “Flip or Flop” currently in divorce drama


It is typically best that a divorce is carried out in as low-key a manner as possible. But as we can see on the pages of many internet websites, when celebrities have marital difficulties, their disputes and accusations become a matter of public record. And certainly such is the case with Tarek and Christina El Moussa, stars of the TV show “Flip or Flop.”

According to the El Moussa’s, much of their strife began in May of last year when police went to the couple’s home responding to a disturbing call involving a male with a gun who was “possibly suicidal.” The incident resolved itself when Mr. El Moussa dropped the gun at the police’s behest. Later, Mr. El Moussa tried to downplay the episode, but things appeared to go downhill from there for the couple.

Subsequently, the El Moussas broke up, and there have been reports that while filming “Flip or Flop,” Mr. Moussa subjected his wife to verbal abuse. Mr. Moussa recently denied these accusations via posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Reportedly, Ms. El Moussa is currently experiencing stress coping with life without her ex-husband. She is said to be depending on the aid of a number of nannies to help her with her two young children as she contends with her business and household obligations.

The El Moussas may be extraordinary by virtue of their public exposure, but the kinds of issues they are facing are very typical for divorcing couples, especially those who have shared business interests. If you are involved in a tempestuous and complex divorce situation, you may want to enlist the services of an experienced family law attorney. The attorney can help protect your interests and work on your behalf to achieve amenable final divorce terms.

Source: E! Online, “Tarek El Moussa Clears Up Rumors About His Divorce From Christina,” Zack Johnson, Jan. 19, 2017

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