Overindulging a child can create problems in adulthood


Parenting after a divorce is a whole new world, especially if your spouse made most of the decisions. So, now that you are facing the prospect of caring for your children on your own during your custody periods, you may be trying to figure out what kind of parent you want to be. In truth, there can be a learning curve to becoming a good single parent. And one of the more common mistakes that a newly single parent can make is to overindulge the child.

Of course, you want your child to be happy and look forward to spending time with you. But it is important that you exercise moderation. You see, showering a child with expensive gifts or constant diversions can actually be very unhealthy. Overindulgence could lead to some negative outcomes, including:

  • Your child may come to overvalue material possessions and the status they bring.
  • If your child has too many things, he or she may not be able to understand the value of anything.
  • Your child may equate material goods with happiness.
  • If your child lacks discipline, he or she may not learn to follow rules.

According to research, children who are overindulged are often unhappy adults who have problems dealing with reality. Obviously, this is not the future you would wish for your child. But to teach him or her the right values, you will have to spend plenty of time together.

If you are about to become a single parent, an experienced family law attorney can help you craft a parenting plan that grants you custody terms that will give you the opportunity to be a positive influence in your child’s life.

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