Is tech causing more divorces?


It is a high tech world, and you use technology every single day. It changes the way you work, earn, and spend your down time. It offers new opportunities you never had before, and it opens more doors.

Does it also lead to a higher divorce rate?

Some believe it can, especially among tech-savvy professionals who are on the computer, tablet or mobile phone almost 100 percent of the time. They see a strong link between technology and the breakdown of modern marriages.

Some experts have pointed out that technology simply provides “marriage busters” that hadn’t been invented for the previous generation. They mention virtual affairs and websites like Ashley Madison. While affairs are certainly nothing new, could these websites make them easier so that people who wouldn’t have gone through with it before are now willing to do so?

But it’s not just the internet. Some have warned that watching too much television – or having a TV in the bedroom – can start to cause the marriage to unravel. They also warn about texting in bed or using other such devices.

Technological intimacy

The basic idea is that people were connecting more with technology, but they were connecting less with each other. In that way, phones and television sets were causing the marriages to erode, even if people weren’t actively looking for affairs or doing anything else of that nature.

Your time is already limited. You have less of it to spend with your spouse, so spending the little downtime you do have texting your friends or watching television could mean you spend very little time together.

Sometimes, a divorce based on these types of issues sneaks up quietly. You think things are going well, but they’re not. If you’re blindsided by the divorce, don’t panic. Calmly address it, look into your legal rights, and get your paperwork in order. You need to work diligently to protect it along with yourself.

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