Frances Bean Cobain in battle with ex over famous guitar


It is all too easy to let the strong feelings that you have for your significant other color your decision making. After all, if you believe you have found that one true and lasting love, why worry about future conflicts? But unfortunately, sometimes feelings change and what once seemed an unbreakable bond devolves into a bitter feud. When this happens, you may find yourself downright shocked at your former partner’s behavior.

In a post last year on this blog, we wrote about the very contentious divorce proceedings being played out between Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva, her estranged husband. At issue now is the possession of an heirloom that is a part of Ms. Cobain’s family legacy.

Ms. Cobain is the daughter of the late Kurt Cobain, the legendary rock musician. And part of his extremely valuable estate includes a very rare acoustic-electric guitar that he played on a monumental MTV appearance in 1993.

At present, the guitar is the hands of Mr. Silva, who claims that Ms. Cobain gave him the instrument as a gift. But Ms. Cobain denied this claim and the pair were unable to settle the matter through mediation. Now it appears a judge will decide who gets the priceless instrument as the divorce heads to court.

One reason this situation has come to such a tumultuous impasse may be because, according to Mr. Silva’s filing, the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage. A well-crafted prenuptial agreement could have included stipulations regarding the ownership of Ms. Bean’s father’s estate, thus protecting her from such difficulties.

If you are entering a marriage with assets that you want to be protected in case your relationship falters, you may want to meet with an experienced prenuptial agreements attorney. A prenup can help you avoid the kind of pitfalls that Ms. Bean is currently encountering.

Source: The National Post, “Frances Bean Cobain’s divorce battle with estranged husband centers on her late father’s priceless guitar,” Jan. 3, 2017

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