Not married? Your relationship can still have recognition


There are many couples in California who choose not to move forward with marriage even though they are in a committed relationship. If you choose to remain unmarried, there may still be some benefits in choosing to seek legal recognition of your relationship through a domestic partnership agreement.

A domestic partnership is a legally recognized relationship that allows the two parties to enjoy certain benefits even though they are not married. Originally, domestic partnerships were sought by same-sex couples who were not able to legally marry. Now that same-sex marriage is legal throughout the United States, this type of relationship could still be beneficial for cohabitating couples who do not want to get married.

What are the benefits of this choice?

There are many reasons why cohabitating partners could prefer a domestic partnership over marriage. First of all, simply living together does not necessarily offer any legal protections or benefits. Some of the reasons why people choose domestic partnership include the following:

  • Insurance benefits
  • Death benefits in the event that one partner passes away
  • Tax benefits

Many people assume that a domestic partnership offers the exact same benefits as a marriage, but that is not necessarily the case. If you believe that you could benefit from seeking legal recognition of your relationship without getting married, you may consider learning more about a domestic partnership and what it could mean in your individual situation.

When creating a domestic partnership agreement, it is important to address various issues that could impact the relationship in the future. This includes property division in case the relationship ends, financial responsibilities over the course of the relationship and more. It is prudent to address these serious matters before making a decision that could affect your future financial and legal interests.

The right label for your relationship

Many couples choose not to marry, but there are times when these same couples may need more than just living together. Domestic partnership could offer you certain protections without having to enter a legal marriage.

It is smart to understand your rights under a domestic partnership as well as what to expect in case the relationship ends. A complete evaluation of your case can help you get the information you need to make a smart decision that will promote a stable and happy future. Before you commit to a domestic relationship or make any other legal decision, make sure you understand all of the implications of your choice.

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