Child custody matters can be stressful during divorce


A child custody agreement has to be made with the child’s best interests in mind. There isn’t room for either parent to be selfish and try to sway the agreement in their favor.

When you are already dealing with the other matters of a divorce, you might find that trying to handle child custody matters is very stressful. We can help you to determine what needs to be addressed and help you navigate the process carefully.

There are some aspects of child custody that must be addressed in almost every case. One of the most contentious is usually the schedule for the child. This is difficult for the parents to come up with, because both parents usually want to spend as much time with the children as possible. We can help you to figure out a custody schedule that truly puts your children first.

Another point that must be decided on is who is going to make decisions for the children. Throughout the child’s life, there will be choices to make about schooling and health care. Other kinds of decisions might also come up. These can include matters relating to extracurricular activities and faith.

You might not be able to think about all of the possible factors or concerns right away. One good thing about child custody agreements is that they can be modified in the future. This can help you to tailor the arrangement to your child’s need now without having to guess how those might change in the future.

Whether you are creating an initial parenting plan and schedule or adjusting an existing one, the right support can reduce the stress on you and your family. We are happy to help you come up with terms that can make your child custody arrangement be a successful one.

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