Avoiding costly mistakes during your divorce

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Soon after announcing that you and your spouse were planning to divorce, you probably discovered that everyone was suddenly an expert – or at least had an opinion – on the subject. You may have more unsolicited advice, perhaps even contradictory advice, than you will even need. While many of those newfound counselors may have good intentions, in the end they may leave you confused at best or making regretful decisions at worst.

In fact, taking bad advice is one of the most common mistakes people make when going through a divorce. Because of the emotional nature of divorce, you may be quick to forget that it is very much like a business transaction. If you have experience with business deals, you know that one wrong move can bring financial disaster.

Keeping your goals in sight

If you and your spouse have children, they will be your main concern. However, if no children are involved in your divorce, your primary focus will be financial. You may have substantial assets, retirement investments, real estate or a business to valuate and divide according to California laws. Making a hasty or ill-advised move based on internet searches or well-meaning acquaintances may result in losing your advantage during property division, leaving your future financial security in question.

For your purposes, you may benefit from assembling a team of professionals to cover every aspect of the divorce. In addition to an attorney, you may seek the advice of an accountant, a financial planner and a business valuator. You should take advantage of these professionals by speaking openly and revealing all relevant information. With their guidance, you will be better able to keep your expectations reasonable and make solid decisions.

Seek legal advice from a legal professional

Perhaps one of the most positive steps you can take as early as possible in your divorce is to carefully search for an attorney who is a good fit for you. Rather than choosing a lawyer who has paid for a top spot on a Google search, you may find more success by meeting with several attorneys until you find one who addresses your needs and demonstrates genuine concern for your well-being.

As much as your friends, family and colleagues may intend to be helpful, you will certainly want to carefully weigh any legal advice they offer against the sound and knowledgeable counsel of your attorney.

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