Grandparents play vital role in grandchildren’s custody

Grandparents play vital role in grandchildren’s custody

Family law issues such as grandparents’ rights are often ignored by California residents without even realizing the importance of grandparents in their children’s lives. Even though the Supreme Court recently indicated that only divorcing parents are capable of making decisions about their children’s custody, grandparent’s rights can still be exercised under unique circumstances, especially during transitions.

During divorce and other family law issues, grandparents are often put in difficult situations where they are prevented from seeing their grandchildren. Divorcing parents need to understand that their children need their grandparents’ wisdom during the most difficult part of their lives. Even if the grandparents are barred from seeing their grandchildren, they can still communicate with their grandchildren through social media sites and text messaging.

For grandparents, it is important to be there for their grandchildren when they need them most. Grandparents can learn about their grandchildren by engaging in different activities such as strolling in the park, reading books with them and other activities. Grandparents may also talk about their experiences with their grandchildren. The conversation should be based on the grandchildren’s age to ensure that they will learn a lot from their elderly loved ones.

Grandparents should not take sides. Although this may be difficult, it is important for grandparents to remain neutral to prevent hurting their grandchildren who are caught in the middle of a divorce. When it comes to grandchildren born out of wedlock, grandparents can also step up and take care of the children if both parents are unfit to raise their kids. Grandparents may exercise their rights and seek the custody of the children if their parents have a history of mental illness or criminal conviction.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Grandparenting children of divorce,” Risa Garon, May 22, 2014

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