Should California spouses celebrate their divorce?

Should California spouses celebrate their divorce?

Many Orange County, California, residents celebrate or throw a party when something good happens in their life, ranging from a long-awaited promotion to a baby shower to a wedding. Is a divorce something to celebrate? The answer might be yes after a recent report stated that divorce parties are becoming a trend. For most people in Orange County, the end of a marriage can be the most difficult time in their lives.

However, there are some people who find the good in the end of a marriage. In fact, they even celebrate it once the divorce is finalized. According to bakers, event planners and lawyers, there has been a rise of divorce parties over the past few years. Spouses celebrate it with a cake featuring a bride holding a weapon or a gloomy cake. An event planner asserted that divorce parties are the way for divorcing couples to celebrate their freedom and not the failure of their marriage.

There are other people who celebrate it with their former spouse, families and children. One spouse stated that he considered his divorce conscious uncoupling. Their own kind of divorce party is special because they are able to celebrate it with their children. For the divorced couple, the end of their marriage is all about their decision to move on as co-parents and co-business managers.

Prior to a divorce party, spouses should concentrate on the divorce proceeding. Both parties should resolve child custody, property division, child support and even alimony issues. The outcomes of these divorce issues will greatly impact their post-divorce life. Fortunately, an attorney can help each spouse obtain a reasonable result in their divorce. Then, the newly single person can celebrate a divorce party without stress and regrets.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, “‘Divorce parties’ on the rise,” Leanne Italie, May 28, 2014

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