Go into your divorce proceedings armed with information


One thing is certain about divorce: you will have to make some difficult decisions as part of your negotiations with your spouse. These will vary according to your circumstances, but you must think about what is truly important when it comes times to make those choices.

Here are some tips that can help you cope:

Use your head, not your heart.

It’s important not to let your emotions get the upper hand during negotiations. If you let sentimentality outweigh practicality, you can end up making decisions that negatively affect your future for a long time.

Take one issue at a time.

For the most part, the most important decisions you make during a divorce will fall into two categories: property division and child custody. You can often make better, more reasoned decisions if you look at each issue separately. Don’t muddle the issues by trying to handle everything at once.

Focus on your long-term goals.

You have to forget about the past, only briefly consider the present and focus heavily on the future in order to make good decisions during your divorce. Don’t let your short-term needs (like the added expenses of paying for your divorce or setting up a new place) drive you to make financial decisions that will benefit you now but leave you short of funds in the future.

We realize that this is a lot to think about, and divorce is a big life change. When you’re working through your options, it helps to have a seasoned Orange County divorce attorney’s guidance. Our office is here to help you work through the matters at hand so you can focus on rebuilding your life with confidence.

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