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Not many people would say marriage is easy. To the contrary, most spouses, perhaps including you, would say that marriage can be rewarding and pleasant but also challenging and problematic, sometimes even within the same day. Has your marriage seen more bad days than good in recent months (or years)? If so, you may be able to relate to certain issues that many people cite as causal factors in divorce.

If you’ve already determined that your marriage is no longer sustainable, one or more of such problems may be fresh in your mind. Especially if you’re a parent, you may feel a bit overwhelmed as you think about changing your entire lifestyle and ending a relationship that you thought would last a lifetime. You’re definitely not alone in your struggle, and reading more about others’ experiences may help you focus and plan the best course of action in your own situation.

Leading causes of marital problems

Your relationship with your spouse is unique, there are some issues that are common among divorcing spouses. Here are some factors many spouses say were critical to their decisions to divorce:

  • An integral component of marriage is the intimate, physical relationship between spouses, and serious problems regarding sex can contribute to a marital break-up.
  • You may feel resentment toward your spouse if you have suffered from blaming, shaming, harsh criticism or even emotional abuse.
  • If either one of you has been waiting for the other to change and are consistently disappointed when change never happens, that may be an issue that has led to your decision to divorce.
  • Perhaps throughout the history of humanity, one of the biggest problems in marriages is infidelity. No one wants to be cheated on.
  • Have you been feeling disrespected or unappreciated in your marriage? Many spouses say they were unable to rebound after feeling this way for so long.

Issues like the ones mentioned above have a way of creeping into divorce proceedings or following spouses in their post-divorce lives. A key to rising above such problems often lies in the type of support you seek.

You don’t have to go it alone

Everyone is entitled to privacy, especially regarding intensely personal issues, such as divorce. However, it may be possible to come to terms with the end of your marriage by reaching out for support when you need it. Licensed counselors, close friends and family members, along with an experienced Orange County family law lawyer, are great assets to have on your side.

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