Don’t let technology set you back during divorce

Don’t let technology set you back during divorce

Many Californians find technology indispensable in their daily lives, using it in communication and connections and for information and entertainment. The digital age offers us convenience and instantaneous connection through Smartphones, iPads, laptops and digital apps. This accessibility may sound good but it may also have its own disadvantages when it comes to divorce and family law.

For people seeking divorce, the convenience and accessibility of technology can become a pitfall and something that can be used against them. Mobile phones and devices have the ability to show a person’s whereabouts at any time, so spouses seeking separation and divorce should avoid devices and applications that will allow them to be tracked, at least during the divorce process.

Divorce seekers should also avoid using Apple’s iCloud. This service allows a user to access and store text messages and emails easily from many different devices. Because iCloud can be shared by other family members, information is accessible to others — including spouses.

Any device such as an iPad or a desktop computer that is subject to property division should also not be connected with a person’s cellphone.

No technology device should carry personal information before the divorce process begins. Personal browsing history or credit card information can be used against a spouse during divorce proceedings.

Finally, passwords can be a problem. Some couples typically share passwords with each other, so anyone splitting from a partner should change passwords to stop former spouses from reading or tracking emails and online calendars. Automatically stored passwords on social media sites should also be removed.

Individuals who are planning to divorce should consider the role technology has in their lives and make changes that will help lead to a smooth settlement. A family law professional can also offer information on how to best navigate these and other issues.

Source: Huffington Post, “Top Ten Technology Tips When You Are Going Through a Divorce,” Deborah S. Chames, Dec. 26, 2012

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