Child support seminar: Educating parents

Placer County’s Department of Child Support Services will conduct a public informational seminar on January 15, 2013. People who may be curious about the topic or those who are having trouble with child support may want to attend the seminar. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding child support issues.

Child support typically is decided during divorce proceedings, whether reached by settlement or court decision. The amount of support varies based on the financial capability of the supporting parent and other relevant factors. Child support is given to the custodial parent, who is responsible for providing for the child. The support can be modified for different reasons in some circumstances. For example, the unemployment and promotion of the supporting parent may affect the amount of support. The growing needs of the child may also be grounds for a child support modification.

According to the supervisor of Place County’s Department of Child Support Services, people have many misconceptions about child support and they need to be educated. The department handles more than 9,000 active child support cases.

In 2012, the department collected more than $20 million in child support for families. The department does not prioritize one parent over the other. Partnership is needed and it should be done by both parents in order to provide what’s best for their children.

These child support services are open to parents, caretakers and guardians of children. The department hopes that after the seminar, the parents will be enlightened and work hand-in-hand with them to achieve financial responsibility for children by both parents

Parents who are having trouble with child support issues may bring the other party to court in order to collect delinquent payments. If the supporting parent fails to pay back child support, he or she could face serious consequences.

Source:, “Child support services seminar in Rocklin,” Jan. 3, 2013

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