Does child custody differ for married and unmarried couples?

Child custody disputes are not easy for any parent to handle. With them often being concerned about losing their child or getting less time with them, they may be emotional throughout the entire process. Even though child custody is an issue that is addressed differently for unmarried and married couples, the emotional reaction parents may experience is similar.

Not every couple that has children together is married; any parent may experience a battle for custody over their children. If a married couple decides to divorce and they have children, along with dealing with the issue of alimony and property division, they will have to resolve any disputes over child custody. Both parents can work together to decide who gets what type of custody or they can let a judge make the decision for them.

When an unmarried couple has a child, the mother is the parent who has sole custody of the child. The only way this will be change is if the father decides to pursue custody of the child. It is likely that they will go to court and the judge will determine if the father will be awarded any type of custody of the child.

Any parent who is currently going through a child custody dispute with the other parent of their child may need legal assistance. The courts will do they can to keep the child’s best interests in mind when awarding custody, but you will have to do your part to prove that you are the parent who deserves custody. An attorney can help you prove this to the judge and get your child placed in your care.

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