Property and assets spouses are entitled to absent a prenup

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Property and assets spouses are entitled to absent a prenup

When two people decide to get married, there are only so many ways that they can prepare for the future and a possible divorce. One common way that couples plan for divorce is by getting a prenuptial agreement. There are many benefits to couples getting a prenup, but it is desired by many because of the protection it provides. Although some couples may choose to get a prenup and take advantage of what it has to offer, some couples fail to recognize what all is at stake should they opt to tie the knot without a premarital agreement.

Regarding property and assets, in most states if you fail to get a prenuptial agreement, the following could possibly be granted to your spouse:

  • Shared responsibility of managing property that was acquired during the marriage.
  • Property that was acquired during the marriage.
  • Debts that were acquired during the marriage.
  • A portion of your property in the event of your death.

When one or both spouses choose to get a prenup, they often feel as though they are making a wise decision. Not only can they keep themselves safe from having to spend thousands of dollars on their divorce and keep whatever property was theirs prior to the marriage, they also may not have to follow the state’s laws regarding property division. Seeing as how they may not agree with the laws of the state in which they live, a prenup is the next best option.

It is important that your property and assets be protected in the event of a divorce, and a prenuptial agreement can help you do that. Your spouse may deserve to be awarded some property and assets, but not everything should go to them when you decide to end the marriage. Anyone interested in getting a prenuptial agreement will want to get an attorney who can assist with the process.

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