Considering divorce? One or more of these issues may apply to you

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There’s no way to know which marriages will last a lifetime and which will end in divorce. When you got married, you likely believed (and hoped) that you and your spouse would always be together and that your relationship would overcome any challenges you might encounter along your journey. In reality, life doesn’t always pan out the way we’d hoped.

Current data shows there are certain issues that make married couples more prone to divorce. There is no foolproof way of determining ahead of time whether or not you’ll be among those who dissolve their relationships in 2019 or beyond. However, if you’re thinking about divorce as a viable option or have already filed paperwork in court, you may have one or more issues in common with others considering their future after marriage.

What is the current status of your parents’ relationship?

Children — including adult children — typically take their cues in life from their parents. If you are a son or daughter of a married couple who divorced, either during your childhood or adult life, your own marriage may be more prone to end the same way. Divorce isn’t something you can inherit; however, current data shows you’re twice as likely to end your marriage if you come from a household where your parents ended theirs.

Education level and income may lower or increase your risk

Studies show that spouses who obtained formal educations beyond high school and those who earn moderate to high incomes are more likely to stay married to the same people throughout their lives. Lower-income/lower-educated spouses may have to handle certain types of stress that their relationships cannot withstand.

Most common reasons for divorce

Perhaps you caught your spouse having an affair. Infidelity is a leading factor in many divorce situations. While your spouse may never have strayed in an intimate sense, you may have felt that he or she lacked commitment toward you or that you drifted apart and wanted different things in life. These are all commonly cited reasons for why married couples choose to dissolve their relationships.

No need to go it alone

The decision to divorce is a serious one that will have long-term, far-reaching consequences in your life. It can be quite stressful trying to compile paperwork, list assets and liabilities, and address the many other issues that you and your spouse will need to resolve before you can achieve an agreeable settlement. With that in mind, you can turn to an experienced family law attorney for the legal guidance and support you need to move forward to a healthy life after divorce.

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