Know the ins and outs of a prenuptial agreement


A prenuptial agreement can protect you and your soon-to-be spouse by laying out the financial terms of the marriage. While many people think that this is only necessary for wealthy individuals, there are many cases that might require you to have one of these agreements in place. We know that you might not feel excited about having to ask for one, but once you find out how they can protect both parties, you might be more willing to bring it up.

One of the most important things to remember is that you can include potential inheritances in the document. This means that whichever adult gets the assets will be the one who keeps them if the marriage ends. Not only does this protect the adults, but it can also protect any children who are already born and those who might be born in the future.

The prenuptial agreement can also outline who has the responsibility of what debts. This is helpful if either party had debt coming into the marriage. Student loans are one type that is often covered in this agreement.

We know that you might be putting off asking for one, but this can work against you. Both parties need to have time to review the document. Trying to present it too close to the wedding can mean that it isn’t going to be valid if you need to have it enforced.

You also can’t cover anything that has to do with child custody or support in it. We are here to help you learn the ins and outs of prenups so that you can make decisions about how to proceed with yours.

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