Don’t forget to make summer plans for your children early


With the summer months not too far ahead, you need to start thinking about vacations and school breaks. If you have children with your ex, making plans for these warmer months might be a challenge. Parents who don’t have a child custody agreement will have to try to work out the terms for the summer. This might prove to be a challenge, but we are here to help you.

One factor that you need to decide is how child care will be handled when the children aren’t in school. This can be a big project, especially if the children are young. You and your ex need to decide if each parent will make their own arrangements for when the child is with them or if you will both utilize the same child care option.

If both parents use the same option, discuss how the payments will be made. Will the parent who has the child with them pay the child care or will both parents split all the costs for the entire summer? Making these decisions now can help you to plan accordingly for the expense.

You also need to think about summer vacation. If you want to go away on a trip with the child, find out if there are any geographical limitations that you need to abide by. Letting your ex know the basic information about the trip can be beneficial since it shows that you are willing to be part of a parenting team. It also gives you a chance to find out if your plans and your ex’s plans will overlap at all.

Ultimately, you should have these plans laid out clearly in the parenting plan. This gives you something to refer to each summer when the plans need to be made.

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