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Why prenuptial agreements are valuable in California

Perhaps because the cost of living is higher than in some states, financial agreements before marriage are popular in California. Often, couples recognize that divorce is always a possibility and try to protect themselves in the event their marriages fail. Even so, some people hesitate to get a prenuptial agreement done.

How parental alienation affects child-parent relationships

Wherever California parents divorce, the process of determining child custody can be not only an emotional battle between parents but also a traumatic experience for their children. Although both parents have their own ideas of how they can take care of their child, some end up losing their relationships with their children. Many researchers believe this parental alienation too often leads to disrupted relationships.

Explaining more about uncontested divorce in California

Families in Orange County, California, are used to hearing about divorces between couples who battles in court for every little issue related to the divorce. Contentious divorce is typical in a divorce that involves a substantial amount of assets such as companies, offshore accounts, properties and investments. However, not all divorce in California need to be complicated.

What gross income means in child support modification requests

When parents divorce and one is ordered by a California court to pay support for their children, he or she may feel economically overwhelmed. Sometimes, though, supporting parents may decide to avoid paying in whole or in part even though they have the means.

Are marital contracts worthwhile for women about to marry?

Many California women dream of getting married and raising a family. For some, the idea of raising children and running a household is a dream. For others, the idea may be appealing, but they may be concerned that giving up a career will mean having less economic power that could haunt them later if their marriages end.

How are child custody orders modified in California?

Many Californians assume that once a court has assigned custody of minor children to one parent in a divorce, the order either cannot be changed or is extremely hard to modify. In fact, a child custody order can be changed for several reasons. As children grow, for instance, their needs and interests may change and they might prefer being with the noncustodial parent. In addition, the priorities of parents often change, so a custodial parent may be willing to change custody in order to take a new job, move to a different part of the country or be with a new partner.

Staying mindful of tax rules for alimony can eliminate trouble

Any California resident who has been through a divorce knows that taxes can figure prominently during negotiations to end the marriage and apply to alimony as much as child-support payments and property division. Generally, alimony is money paid by one spouse to the other once the divorce is finalized. It is calculated based on a preset statutory formula that considers many factors before setting a monthly alimony payment that is supposed to be manageable for the payer.

California's child support formula and guidelines

When a couple's relationship goes downhill, it creates a family issue that affects the financial well-being of a child. Divorcing parents or unmarried parents who decide to separate must resolve the issue of child support during the breakup. Under such circumstances, the California's child support guidelines will play a role.