Explaining more about uncontested divorce in California

Explaining more about uncontested divorce in California

Families in Orange County, California, are used to hearing about divorces between couples who battles in court for every little issue related to the divorce. Contentious divorce is typical in a divorce that involves a substantial amount of assets such as companies, offshore accounts, properties and investments. However, not all divorce in California need to be complicated.

California couples who decide to end their marriage may have an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is a process in which parties completely agree on all issues ranging from child custody, child support, spousal support and property division.

Although such a divorce is not as complicated as a contested divorce, the divorce process is not quite as easy as it may seem. The impact of divorce to spouses, children and other people involved is still the same. However, our firm may provide assistance to help people prepare for the process of contested divorce. We also can handle all the issues, concerns and questions that spouses have about a divorce, and can explain how an uncontested divorce may actually work for some couples.

An uncontested divorce has many advantages over a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce may only last for six months to complete, which is much faster than a drawn out contentious divorce. It is also an excellent option for parents who want to preserve their relationship with their child following a divorce. Additionally, uncontested divorce can spare spouses from the expense and stress of litigation.

Like any other alternative that spouses can use upon an end of marriage, uncontested divorce requires paperwork, documentation and the participation of both spouses. Fortunately, our firm can assist California couples going through an uncontested divorce while taking care of the documents and requirements needed in court.

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