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The role of fathers in family law issues in California

In Orange County, California, and the rest of the U.S., the image of the traditional families has begun to change since divorce began to increase. Most people today even accept that the end of a marriage might be a part of everyone's life. Unfortunately, more divorces mean that more and more households consist of single mothers and children, which can be disadvantageous for the father.

Understanding the impact of debt in a California divorce

The financial decisions made during a divorce are among the most important that two spouses can ever make as they go their separate ways. These decisions will run through every aspect of the divorce, including child support, alimony and property division. For this reason, many Californians who face the end of a marriage are concerned about the fate of their assets. One common issue - debt - is something that both spouses need to address.

Protecting a California spouse from divorce and student loan debt

Student loan debts have played a big role recently in Americans' overall consumer debt. California residents may be somewhat surprised to discover that student loan debt is now also a potential legal issue during divorce.

Avoiding the holiday stress as co-parents in California

The emotional toll of a divorce is something that can be healed over time. However, when holidays approach, the negative feelings may come back, as other families spend time together and celebrate. The holiday season may be especially painful for a child with divorced parents, even if all legal issues surrounding the child custody, visitation and parenting plans have been resolved.

The potential cons of a same-sex divorce in California

Same-sex couples in the United States have achieved several victories in terms of federal benefits and the number of states that allow gay couples to marry legally. Underlying those celebrations, however, is the reality that marriage, even a same-sex marriage, can end in divorce.

How remarrying in California affects child support

Because California is a community property state, a couple's marital assets and properties will be divided equally between them during divorce. The rules covering community property in the state also apply to child-support modifications and child support payments, especially when a custodial parent remarries.

A closer look at tax implications in a California divorce

The end of a marriage is frequently an emotional time. Many Californians who have gone through a divorce know this firsthand. Alongside the anger, frustration, relief and other emotions comes something most of us would rather not think about, taxes.

A prenuptial agreement is a must for Californians

Typically, a newly engaged couple is not interested in thinking about life after marriage. However, Orange County, California, readers who are engaged or who are already married should consider this kind of legal agreement because not all stories of marriage end "happily ever after."

Child-support payer sues ex-wife for hiding Twitter stocks

Twitter's phenomenal growth since it was introduced in 2006 is a story of friends collaborating on a project with the intention of changing the world. Any Orange County resident who invested in Twitter back then has probably experienced some of that change, reaping a huge return on even a small investment.