A prenuptial agreement is a must for Californians

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A prenuptial agreement is a must for Californians

Typically, a newly engaged couple is not interested in thinking about life after marriage. However, Orange County, California, readers who are engaged or who are already married should consider this kind of legal agreement because not all stories of marriage end “happily ever after.”

For example, a story recounted by a newly engaged woman began with her never expecting that her new French boyfriend would propose. She accepted his marriage proposal and had many things to consider before they started their new life together. While planning the wedding, a friend asked her about considering a prenuptial agreement. The bride-to-be said she was taken aback at first because a “prenup” seemed unromantic and had negative connotations. Despite this, the New York woman decided to draft a prenuptial agreement.

prenuptial agreement is a contract that, among other things, lists and protects one party’s assets accumulated before marriage. In the event of divorce, it can address property division, spousal support and other legal issues. Most people think a prenuptial agreement is for wealthy people who must protect their premarital fortune. However, the New York woman, who works as a freelance writer and has less than $100,000 in savings, still decided that a prenuptial agreement was necessary. She chose to protect her inheritance and clarify any financial issues that may complicate her marriage in the future.

Stories of engaged California couples opting to have a prenup usually carry negative connotations. Regardless, drafting a prenuptial agreement is not only about protecting the person’s wealth or financial security from the asset division. It is also about protecting each person and their future children from the negative consequences of entering a marriage without a legal contract.

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