Young people and the rise of prenups: Why it is happening


Prenuptial agreements certainly are not new, but the way that young married couples view them today is vastly different from the way that their own parents looked at them. It has made prenups more popular with couples in recent years. As a result, prenups are a bit more easily accepted than they once were.

Why is this? One potential reason is that there is not such a level of division between genders in 2018. Their parents may have assumed that just the husband would work and the wife would not. Today, men and woman make up the workforce together.

This means that couples often have more equal assets when they get married. They both have something to protect. A prenup is no longer seen as something that a man uses to protect his estate from his wife. It’s something that both people use to protect themselves in case the marriage fails. Since it’s equal, it does not breed resentment.

Another reason is age. One expert pointed out that he got married when he was just 23 years old, so neither he nor his wife had any serious assets. Today, many people do not get married until their 30s. They have far more assets, they have careers and they have things they have worked for that they want to protect. They can clearly see why they want a prenup and how it can help them.

Of course, whether to use a prenuptial agreement is still something every couple has to decide on their own. If you do, make sure you know what steps to take to draft a prenup and get it on file.

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