Protect your finances in a child support case


Child support is a big financial undertaking for a parent who has to make these payments. It is all too easy to fall into the mode of thinking that the payments are going to your ex, so they are a burden. Instead of thinking that way, remember that the money you hand over goes directly to helping provide for your children. This might make it easier for you when it is time to pay.

We realize that you have to live off of your income and that child support can take a nice chunk out of that. We can work on your behalf to ensure that you are only paying what is a fair amount instead of having to scrape by after the child support is taken out.

Another consideration for many parents is that the financial support payment isn’t all-inclusive. You might also have other expenses related to the child to cover. These might be for uninsured medical expenses, child care, school fees or extracurricular activities. Just remember that you would probably help to pay all of this if your child lived with you.

There are times when you might not have any trouble paying the support payments when the order is first issued. As time progresses, you might have changes to your finances that you didn’t make. This might be a job loss, pay raise, demotion, pay cut or promotion. In all of these cases, you might need to seek out a support modification so that your child continues to receive the support they are due from you.

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