Yolo County child support department receives award


The Yolo County child support services department has received an award from the state of California, according to a press release from the county. The department, in northern California, was recognized for its efforts in collecting and distributing child support payments for people who live in the county. The award that was issued to the department was the California Director’s Excellence Gold Award and covers the department’s work over the past year.

In 2017, some $14 million in child support was collected and distributed by the Yolo County Department of Child Support Services. 2017 marked the most successful year in distributing child support payments for the county in its history. Current collection of child support is rising and has reached 71.8 percent. The department is in the midst of an 18-year flat allocation from California but was able to raise performance every year for the last five years.

The director of the county’s child support services department presented the department with the award. The service efficiencies offered by the department were also recognized by the department’s director because they have improved over the past year.

Last year saw an increase in families opening cases, receiving orders for child support, and also in receiving their first payments at a much quicker rate than in previous years, according to the press release.

Child support is always an important and hot topic in the news. The families in Yolo County are being taken care of by the department, as evidenced by this award. Any and all questions about your child support order should be directed to the proper authorities here in Orange.

Source: Davis Enterprise, “County’s child support services department recognized with state award,” April 16, 2018

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